Alumni Council

The Alumni Association is governed by the Alumni Council, which consists of the officers of the Association and at least four other alumni, totaling a minimum of seven members. Three officers are appointed to the Council who serve two-year terms in each position. The President and Vice President are voting members of the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Board of Trustees. The Alumni Council currently has 15 members, each of whom may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. Based on nominations from the Council, members are selected by committee, which includes the Head of School, Director of External Relations and the Director of Alumni Relations.

The three working pillars of the Alumni Council are:
Give Back
Give Forward

The Council meets twice yearly, once in the fall for their organizational meeting and then in the spring. Members are also expected to assist and participate if possible in regional gatherings and Alumni Weekend and to coordinate a community service project in their area. The Council also serves as the communication coordinating arm of the Alumni Office. Alumni interested in serving on the Council may contact the Alumni Office.



David Allen, StA '77

Vice President
Will Beard, SAS '86

Anneke Skidmore, SAS '05

Returning Members
Jeanie Hinson Bross, SAS '90
Lizzie Duncan, StA '76
Caleb Goodwyn, SAS '01
Ansley Kellermann, SAS '00
Claire Agricola England, SMS '66
Mike Flannes, SMA '69
David Tharp, SAS '84
New Members
Xan Glover, SAS '92
Leslie Muir, SAS '91
Susan Waldner, StA '77

Rotating Off 
Alison Asmussen, SAS '99
Doug Cameron, SMA '65 


Meeting Dates:
Spring 2014
       March 29
Alumni Weekend 2014
      May 31-June 2
Volunteer Weekend 2014
       July 18/19
Fall 2014
       September 27
(Hosting the Sewanee Area Alumni Gathering @ 5:30 p.m.)