Why do we need the SAS Fund?

The SAS Fund provides approximately 10% of the school’s annual operating budget. Whether used for academics, athletics, theatre, or building upkeep, the SAS Fund helps support every facet of school life.
  • Student tuition does not fully cover the cost of an SAS education.
  • The difference between tuition charged and the actual cost of educating a student is made up by the SAS Fund and endowment income.
  • Approximately 900-1,000 individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations annually support the SAS Fund, with gifts from $10 to more than $10,000.
  • Contributions to the SAS Fund represent a community effort and illustrate belief in the school’s mission and ministry.
  • A high percentage of participation from our constituencies speaks to their strong commitment to SAS. Outside sources such as foundations are influenced by big participation rates.
  • Since contributions to the SAS Fund are generally unrestricted, all school programs and the life of each student and faculty and staff member are touched by donations to the fund. The SAS Fund gives school leadership and the board of trustees flexibility to address the highest priority needs of the school.

Support for Academics

SAS is committed to providing students the fundamentals necessary for lifelong success by teaching them, not subjects. Through a traditional college preparatory curriculum enhanced by a variety of elective courses, students gain critical thinking skills while learning to draw connections in their world, and effectively and persuasively communicate their knowledge and opinions.

Arts Program Support

Inspiring personal creativity and individual expression in dance, theater, music, technical and visual arts brings all members of the community to a richer aesthetic awareness. Combined with discussions and writing assignments, the arts help students develop a deeper understanding of the role arts play in conveying history and the human experience.

Athletics Opportunities

Athletics offers opportunities for teamwork, fitness, sportsmanship, personal growth, and self-respect. Students involved in athletics experience some of the most rewarding and challenging moments of their lives. Positive coach-athlete relationships allow our athletes to revel in their successes and learn from their disappointments.

Boarding Life

Residential houses create opportunities for growth and leadership with strong advisor and faculty support, special activities, and a rich dormitory life. When it comes to raising children, no model is better than family. Boarding students enjoy family-style living in residential houses with 12 to 15 students and a faculty family.

Community Service

Students at SAS are required to complete 15 hours of community service for each year they are in the Upper School, but we don't approach service as an obligation or a line on a college application. From occasional dish duty in the cafeteria, to Habitat projects, to just being mindful on a daily basis of the needs of others, our service is born of our sense of responsibility for the community we live in. When students know one another and their neighbors, it's hard not to lend a hand when one is needed.

Faculty Development

One of the ways St. Andrew's-Sewanee School encourages students to be lifelong learners is by modeling this in the school community. Members of the SAS faculty spend hours in other classrooms acquiring new skills to continue to provide an outstanding educational experience for St. Andrew's-Sewanee students.

Financial Aid

Financial aid provides the resources to enroll a student population that is highly diverse, talented, and motivated to succeed. At St. Andrew's-Sewanee School we are committed to making our superb college preparatory program available to deserving students.

Carrying on the SAS tradition
Our annual story of a family touched by the generosity of the SAS community
Anneke gives to the SAS Fund because SAS continues to give to her.
Ryan's SAS Fund gifts ensure that new students receive valuable opportunity.
Jen Bachman is grateful that the SAS Fund faculty and staff professional development.
Contributions to the SAS Fund have improved Luke's teaching.
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