Our Campus

Campus Aerial View

Named one of the eight most beautiful high schools in the South by Southern Living magazine, SAS is truly in a class by itself. The beauty and majesty of our campus and the mountain it sits upon cannot be captured in photos. You're going to have to come visit. The Mountain (as we call it) is a set on the edge of the Cumberland Plateau between Nashville and Chattanooga. Our school's 550-acre campus includes fields, forests, bluffs, caves, and waterfalls. The Spanish colonial architecture gives you the feeling that you've slipped away to another world.

At an elevation of 2,100 feet, the views are lovely, and the changing seasons offer endless variety— fall color, spring wildflowers, sparkling snowfalls, and the occasional eerie fog. The scenic campus has cliffs to scale, lakes to swim, ponds to study, and miles of trails for running, mountain biking, and hiking. Our magnificent setting enriches the life of the community. We are what we are, in large part, because of where we are.

For more information about planning a visit, check out our Visitors' Guide and give us a call.