An Episcopal School

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At St. Andrew's-Sewanee School we enjoy a rich Anglican heritage. Our historic understanding of faith encourages openness and respect for other religious traditions while the school community remains grounded in the history, tradition, and liturgy of the Episcopal Church. Students are encouraged to find their own process to a faith that will provide them with a deeper understanding of life and service.

The overall school community is characterized by openness, trust and forgiveness.

As an Episcopal school, we believe that God is honored in the diversity of languages, cultures, and traditions. It is the very differences that delight God. At our best, we at SAS promote the importance of differing perspectives, because in so doing we better understand the world, God, and ourselves and will more fully understand how God is calling us to serve the world.

The Rev. Molly Short

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How can I stay connected to the chapel program?

We will post weekly offerings here to help us all stay grounded and connected during the weeks ahead. Each Sunday we will post a recorded compline service. On Mondays, Mother Short will post a brief message with links to further resources for your spiritual and emotional support. Wednesdays we will include messages of encouragement (and fun!) from various faculty and staff. Finally, Thursdays the Howard Thurman book study on Jesus and the Disinherited meets at 7:45 pm. If you are interested in joining this group, please email Mother Short (

What if I want to follow along in the services from home?

Here are links to our Compline service videos, the service sheet, Book of Common Prayer, and hymn lyrics.

A Message from Mother Short


  • Students represent a wide range of faith traditions. Forty percent of our students are Episcopalian.
  • The overall school community is characterized by openness, trust and forgiveness.
  • The School Chaplain, an Episcopal priest, is a full time employee of the school and serves as pastor to the school community. 
  • Students and faculty attend regular chapel services in the 100-year-old St. Andrew's Chapel. An all-school Eucharist is celebrated on Monday morning as a means of gathering and focusing the entire community at the beginning of each week. Music is an important part of our worship. Boarding students also attend a Compline service on Sunday evenings. As we are able, we will also provide transportation for students to additional worship services in the Episcopal church and/or other faith traditions.
  • All seniors take a one year course focusing on the religions in the Abrahamic traditions. The course culminates in each student writing a Creedal Statement addressing the student's ultimate concerns and beliefs.
  • Senior Chapel Talks are opportunities for members of the senior class to offer the gift of wisdom, truth, and encouragement to fellow students, faculty, and staff. Family, friends, and community members are encouraged to attend.
  • With the help of our Chaplain, students may prepare for baptism or confirmation in the Episcopal Church.

This Week's Compline

4.5.20 Palm Sunday Compline Video Link

Resources for This Week

Service Sheet
Lyrics for Hymn 662, "Abide with me"
Reading from Scripture (Matthew 21:1-11)

Past Complines

3.29.20 Compline

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This Week's Chapel Chat

4.6.20 Chapel Chat

Resources for This Week

Learn more about Holy Week in the Episcopal Church

Past Chapel Chats

3.30.20 Chapel Chat

Additional Resources

This Week's Guest Spot

4.8.20 Ms. Carlos on Creativity

Past Guest Spots

Coach Zeitler on Wellness

Additional Resources

Chapel Staff

Molly Short

Molly Short

Titles: Chaplain, Religion Department Chair
Phone Numbers:
School: 931.463.2140
J.R. Ankney

J.R. Ankney

Titles: Music Teacher, Musical Director, Chapel Music Director, House Parent (Warner/St. Mary's)
Phone Numbers:
School: 931.598.5651 ext. 3209
Regan Schutz

Regan Schutz

Titles: Adjunct Chaplain, Religion

Honor and Trust

Recitation of the Honor Code

Honor and trust are vitally important in our small community. Every member of the community signs our Honor Code annually, vowing not to lie, cheat, or steal. Students accused of violating the Honor Code may be required to appear before the Honor Council, an elected committee of students and faculty advisors that deliberates about each situation and then makes a recommendation to the Head of School.

The Middle Way

Meeting of the Middle Way

Our Middle School fellowship group fosters friendships among middle school students, strengthens the bond between our upper school group leaders and middle school participants, and offers spiritual nourishment. The Middle Way complements our Chapel programming and includes small group discussion, conversation over snacks, and games. 

Community Service

Students in Jamaica with Boys Town Clients and Staff

Community service at SAS is one reflection of our sense of responsibility for the community we live in. Projects range from schoolwide or class-based activities to students seeing a need and addressing it as individuals or in small groups. Upper School students are required to complete 15 hours of community service each year they are in the Upper School.



Young man washing dishes

Students Helping Out Weekly (SHOW) puts students to work for one hour each week in service to the school. SHOW jobs include dish crew (a requirement for every student new to the Upper School), teachers' helpers, marketing and admission assistants, and more.


O God, who through the love and labor of many, has built upon this Mountain a goodly heritage, and has crowned our school with honor and length of days, we give you thanks for past achievements and future hopes accomplished in our midst; but chiefly do we offer gratitude for the gift of your son Jesus Christ, who is the cornerstone of our life together, and the revealer of all truth. May we, and all who follow after us, maintain a zealous quest for learning and wisdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

School Prayer

Recent outreach projects

  • Building bleachers in Trenchtown, Jamaica
  • Outreach through a local food ministry
  • Singing at a home for senior citizens
  • Trash pick up in the local community
  • Fundraising for youth development projects in Guatemala
  • Mountain Goat Trail clean-up
  • Labor at Mountain T.O.P. retreat center
  • Support for local animal shelters

Trench Town Outreach, An Ongoing Commitment

Since 2012, SAS students have returned annually to Kingston, Jamaica for a Spring Break service trip. Accompanied by teacher Rachel Malde, the students provide support to the populations of Trenchtown and Riverton. Over the years, the group has:

  • Rebuilt a roof for a family for four
  • Repainted and refurbished a historic community center in the Boys’ Town neighborhood
  • Constructed and repaired stadium seating in the Boys’ Town soccer complex
  • Tutored elementary and high school students in math, reading, and chemistry