Our Future

Campus Master Plan Aerial Schematic

2018-2021 Strategic Plan

Challenge Balance Joy

Our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan seeks to build on the accomplishments of the past and expand our school's capacity for challenging our students to fulfill their greatest potential while helping them to cultivate lives of balance and joy. Together with our Campus Master Plan, our objective is to enhance opportunities to learn, live, and play in community.

Learning, Collaboration, and Common Language

Expand Learning Opportunities, Stimulate Collaboration, and Develop a Common Language

Create new and innovative opportunities for intellectual growth, academic collaboration, and the advancement of a shared educational philosophy articulated through a common language.
  • Re-establish and promote a common educational philosophy and clarify educational goals
  • Create new and innovative opportunities for student intellectual growth through meaningful and intentional curricular development
  • Establish systems for meaningful, useful, and regular evaluation of faculty & administration
  • Support and encourage faculty, administration, and staff in their on-going professional development


Outdoor Education, Adventure, and Place-Based Opportunities

Elevate Outdoor Education, Adventure, and Place-Based Opportunities

Capitalize on our unique geographic assets by investing and promoting outdoor education and adventure and place-based learning and enrichment opportunities.
  • Create formal Outdoor Education program

Creativity, Innovation, and Design

Inspire Creativity, Innovation, and Design

Further invigorate creativity on our campus and look for ways to better encompass design-thinking, critical inquiry, and problem-solving across the curriculum.
  • Enrich arts education on our campus and expand opportunities for community exhibition
  • Integrate information services and enhance technology offerings


Wellness, Perspective, and Community

Promote Wellness, Perspective, and Community 

Recognizing that the ever-changing landscape of politics, society, and technology has an impact on our school community and our students’ futures, continue to be a community built on love and empathy and redouble our commitment to inspiring all members of the community to lead lives of honor and loving service to God and to others by providing our students with the practical tools and strength of character to live lives of honor and integrity.
  • Strengthen campus community
  • Expand opportunities for loving service and broader community engagement and incorporate community or civic engagement and service learning into our academic courses
  • Support a broadly-defined diversity
  • Provide additional opportunities for campus-wide wellness

Practical Matters

  • Continually improve campus and student safety
  • Evaluate and revise daily schedule

During our 2019 SAIS Accreditation process, we honed in on three Goals for School Improvement.

Goals for School Improvement


SAS Vision Logo


We seek to celebrate our place while cultivating "worldwise" connection.


We seek to carefully consider how and what we communicate individually, collectively, and institutionally.


We seek to foster resourcefulness as we engage in real work in the real world.


We seek to further value and empower the many voices of our community.

Well Being

We seek to make every decision with the health and well being of each individual and our school in mind.