2024 Spring Athletic Awards

Wednesday, May 15, we celebrated
our spring athletic teams after three incredible

As always, each team awards a Most Valuable Player
award, a Most Improved Player award, and a Coaches

Congratulations to the following teams and award

Boys' Soccer
Toby Van de Ven - MVP
Mark Rogers - MIP
Dimitri Sherrill - Coaches Award

Boys' Tennis
Elijah Stark - MVP
Lowell Brainerd - MIP
Will Hernandez - Coaches Award

Girls' Tennis
Carlota Diez-Rosety - MVP
Sydney Brown - MIP
Annabelle Close - Coaches Award

Girls' Track and Field
Mel Val - MVP
Charlie Buckner - MIP
Sarah Maleak - Coaches Award

Boys' Track and Field
Kiran Malde - MVP
Arthur Glacet - MIP
Tom Karanja - Coaches Award

Let's Go Mountain Lions!