2024 Winter Athletic Awards

This afternoon we gathered as a community to celebrate our winter athletic season, and to highlight the incredible accomplishments of our talented athletes. With 6 Upper School teams total across three sports, Basketball, Swimming, and Wrestling, we acknowledge the following students for their contributions to their teams and their season of amazing performances:

2024 Winter Athletic Awards: Most Valuable Player Award Winners

Most Valuable Player Award Winners
(L-R) Girls’ Swimming - Reese Michaels; Girls’ Wrestling - Mel Val; Boys’ Wrestling - Tom Karanja; Girls’ Basketball - Sarah Maleak; Boys’ Basketball - Ethan Allen; Boys’ Swimming - Jackson Frazier

Coaches’ Award Winners
Front (L-R): Girls’ Wrestling - Hadlee Hale; Girls’ Swimming - Madison Rogers; Girls’ Basketball - Annabelle Close
Back (L-R): Boys’ Wrestling - Dimitri Sherril; Boys’ Basketball - Elijah Stark; Boys’ Swimming - Toby Van de Ven

Most Improved Player Award Winners
(L-R): Boys’ Wrestling - Jack Hale; Girls’ Wrestling - Leonora Pate; Boys’ Basketball - Harper Thompson; Boys’ Swimming - Augustin Tabacaru;
Girls’ Swimming - Carlota Rosety; Girls’ Basketball - Keely Kendrick