School News

Lower Boarding Tuition

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School is launching a new tuition plan to make boarding school more affordable for families.

Moving into the 2020-2021 school year, students from Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky,Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia will qualify for the ‘Mountain Tuition’ rate of $43,000, making SAS one of the most affordable boarding schools in the Appalachian states. The base domestic boarding rate is being reduced from $50,400 to $49,980.

“For years, the growth in boarding school tuition has outpaced family incomes,” said SAS Head of School Karl Sjolund. “While the cost of providing such personalized and high-quality instruction is high, we recognize that our families are also having to save for college tuition. Our hope is that this tuition reset will help to alleviate some of that pain.”

The school will continue to provide financial aid for qualifying families. This year, it awarded nearly $2.3 million in aid with approximately 62% of students receiving some assistance. The school’s Claiborne Scholars program provides merit aid for students who demonstrate academic prowess and leadership potential. The Hubbard Scholarship provides full tuition for qualifying students from Shelby County (Memphis). Special scholarships are also available for students whose parents are Episcopal employees and/or seminarians.

“When the Brothers of the Order of the Holy Cross founded St. Andrew’s School on this campus, their desire was to provide an education for the ‘barefoot boys of Appalachia’”, explained Sjolund. “We have remained committed to the spirit of that mission while recognizing that the labor of talented and dedicated individuals, small class sizes, and a wide array of enrichment opportunities are expensive endeavors. We are committed to increasing affordability through lower tuition and a continued commitment to generous financial aid.”

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School currently enrolls 240 students in grades 6-12 from 13 states and 12 countries. Eighty-seven percent of the students are from states that make up the Appalachian region. The school’s graduates matriculate to outstanding colleges and universities across the country, including the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Vanderbilt, Wellesley, and New York University. Thanks to an historic relationship with the University of the South (Sewanee), qualified SAS students may take classes for free and for credit at the University.

Director of Admission Derek Perkins is excited about the new program, “At SAS, we say ‘You belong here’. It is a reflection of our welcoming community. By holding our tuition costs down, we hope to expand the population of families whom we can welcome here.”

“SAS parents see their children transformed by a school culture that challenges students to fulfill their greatest potential while cultivating lives of balance and joy. Is there any investment more important than our children’s futures?”

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School is currently accepting applications for August 2020 enrollment. The school’s next Admission Shadow Day is Monday, February 17. Contact the Admission Team for more information.