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National Spanish Exam Award Recipients 2019

Twenty-seven students at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School (SAS) received recognition for their performance on the National Spanish Examinations. The National Spanish Examinations are given voluntarily by about 4,000 teachers throughout the United States to measure performance and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. Students in grades 6-12 participate.  In the spring of 2018, a total of 150,303 students registered for the National Spanish Examinations.

SAS students receiving recognition are:

Honorable Mention

Hadlee Hale (Manchester, TN)
Ellie Jenkins (Sewanee, TN)
Cecil Rodgers (Sewanee, TN)

Bronze Medal
A.J Clements (Sewanee, TN)
Nailah Hamilton (Sewanee, TN)
Joshua Jones (Kingston, Jamaica)
Maddie Jones (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Anna Money (Summertown, TN)
Shiv Patel (Chattanooga, TN)

Silver Medal
Iliana Pate (Sewanee, TN)

Honorable Mention

Kyler Cantrell (Sewanee, TN)
Laura Crigger (Sewanee, TN)
Libby Neubauer (Belvidere, TN)
Namtso Norbu (Monteagle, TN)
Ryan Ostrowski (Monteagle, TN)
Tyler Rodgers (Sewanee, TN)

Bronze Medal
Emily Bailey (Sewanee, TN)

Silver Medal
Justine Rogers (Sewanee, TN)
Jayla McLaurin (Las Vega, NV)
Hannah Warmbrod (Belvidere, TN)

Honorable Mention

Evan Fox (Sewanee, TN)
Madeline Mundkowsky (Sewanee, TN)
Gabriel Stevens (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Bronze Medal
Jonathan Rwalinda (Kigali, Rwanda)

Gold Medal
Cecilia Schutz (Sewanee, TN)

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School begins language instruction in the sixth grade. Students choose from among Spanish, Chinese, and Latin. Students completing their SAS language studies may continue instruction at the University of the South or begin a new language at the University. In recent years students have studied French, Russian, German, and Arabic at Sewanee.