SAS is excited to announce the addition of a 3,600 square foot Outdoor Learning Complex. The complex will have bouldering and climbing areas as well as a mountain biking hub for middle school and varsity teams. It will house "The Lab" (Local Area Biking shop for on-site maintenance.) It will also have bike storage towers, a paved all-weather outdoor pump track, a camping gear storage area, and an outdoor learning coordinator's office.

“This facility represents SAS’s firm commitment to our signature Outdoor programs and is directly
tied to our goal of capitalizing on our unique geographic assets. For a school filled with students who love the outdoors, it’s hard to imagine a more exciting facility for us to build. We have some of the best climbers and mountain bikers in the South and this new complex is certain to attract even more athletes to our wonderful campus!”
– Karl J. Sjolund, Head of School