School News

Q1 Honors Students 2019

The following St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Upper School students were named to the Honors Lists for Quarter 1 of the 2019-20 school year. Overall, 95 students, including 30 boarding and 65 day students, achieved academic distinction for the first quarter.

Students who earn an average of 93 or above with no grade below 83 are named to the High Honors List for academic achievement. Students with average ranges between 83 and 92 and who have received no grade below 80 are named to the Honors List. Satisfactory completion of afternoon programs is required for students to be eligible for the Honor Roll.

High Honors
Charlie Barron
Annabett Bridgers
Riley Burnette
Sarah Grace Burns
Lucy Carroll
Michael Chen
Archie Clarkson
Gus Croom
Mac Croom
Chloe Fontenelle
Myers Gorrell
Pete Haight
Harrison Hartman
Sarah Beth Hobby
J.T. Jenkins
Nathan King
Saje Mangru
Erin Mattingly
Tim Nelson
Porter Neubauer
Iliana Pate
Verena Pate
Shiv Patel
Gabriel Pongdee
Michael Pongdee
Emily Ren
Justine Rogers
Breezy Rollins
Tessa Shackelford
Kenneth Simmons
Aidan Smith
Hannah von Giesen
Hannah Warmbrod
Jiaying Yang
Serena Zeng

Cate Bachman
Emily Bailey
Jenna Black
Alex Brewster
Huy Cao
Ava Carlos
Sophia Carlos
Abi Cassell
Madalyn Cleveland
Ethan Drey
Meredith Foster
Evan Fox
Rhys Fricker
Curtis Gill
Jerry Gu
Sylvan Huber-Feely
Nelly Ineza
Kendale James
Mary Joffrion
Joshua Jones
Maddie Jones
Tanner King
Zolon Knoll
Caroline Lamborn
Laya Lewis
Jerry Lin
Luca Malde
Nick Mastilovic
Daniel McDonough
Malachi McKinney
Amoriae McKinney-Bailey
George Meng
Luciana Mollica
Libby Neubauer
Namtso Norbu
Nneka Okolo
Ryan Ostrowski
Isaac Pauley
Kathleen Perkins
Morgan Phares
Anna Post
Janae Rabess
Isabella Randolph
Tyler Rodgers
Cecilia Schutz
Elijah Seavey
Lizzie Sluser
Ivan Stoyanchev
Charlie Strippel
Madeline Sumpter
Eli Thompson
Alex Thurman
Jack Tse
Zoe Wallace
Audrey Ward
Grange Wengraf-Simons
Eli Wilson
Shelby Wright
Tony Yu
Payton Zeitler