Kirian climbing

The competition at Horse Pens 40 is part of the Triple Crown Bouldering series, which is an annual event. However, we only attend Horse Pens, which is the final comp of the three. The others are in September and October before our season starts. SAS has attended Horse Pens 3 years in a row, and this year was the 20th anniversary of the event (Michael Short was at the first, back in 2003! ... as an eighth grader!)

Our students swept the Beginner Men category: 

Elliott Benson          2nd
Kiran Malde              (tied and ended up 3rd)
Ben Lu                      4th
Eoin Pate                  8th
Cameron Crawford 12th

That was out of 33 in the category.

Coach Jeff Christopher got 4th in the "Ancient Hard Person" category (35 and up) and Michael Short got 4th in the "Hellbilly" category, which involves a run followed by as many climbs as possible.