2023 Honors Day: SAS Recognizes Leadership and Academic, Athletic,  Artistic Achievement

On Friday, May 19, St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School honored students, faculty, and staff in an all-school Honors Day ceremony following the students’ last exam and the all-school photograph. The Honors Day ceremony celebrated leadership, academic, arts, and athletic achievement and was followed on Saturday, May 20, by the presentation of Major Awards. Senior Madeline Sumpter presented the senior gift, which was the creation of the new Legacy-Wellness garden in front of the Card House Wellness Center, and Josie Willis presented the senior banner.  

The following awards were presented:



The Mountain Mirror Literary Magazine Art Award: Lexi Phares
The G. Sanford McGee Outing Award: Caleb Palmertree
The Phoenix Yearbook Award: Lacy Conley



Chapel Orchestra: Luke Baird, Maddie Van de Ven, Madeline Sumpter, Julia Sumpter, Annika Stefanut, Onawa Henson, Sasha Kuriachaia, and Nadya Kuriachaia.
Chapel singers: Taylor Irwin, Reis Klarer, Parker Kovalski, Eliza Griffey
Chapel Sacristans: Patrick Murphy, Amoriae McKinney-Bailey, Alex King, Mariah Maxam, Lydia Andrews
SHOW Job Award: Alex Colon



2022-2023 Proctor Awards: Annabett Bridgers, Luca Malde, Libby Neubauer, Ryan Ostrowski, Shiv Patel, Madeline Sumpter, Abbott Root (President)
2022-2023 Honor Council Awards: Madeline Sumpter, Isabel Patterson, Ryan Ostrowski, Luca Malde (President)
2022-2023 Conduct Council: Amoriae McKinney-Bailey, Abbott Root, Isabel Patterson, Lexi Taylor, Annabett Bridgers (President)


: Dimitri Sherrill, Sarah Grace Powell, Ethan Allen, Reese Michaels, Susanne Morrissey, Hadlee Hale, Elliott Benson, Ellie Jenkins (President)
Honor Council: Will Hernandez, Reese Michaels, Onawa Henson, Dimitri Sherrill, Tom Karanja, Emma Wockasen, Elisabeth Perkins, Quentin Miller, Hadlee Hale (President)
Conduct Council: Ellie Jenkins, Victor Dillon, Anja Dombrowski, Grey Givens, Hatch McNabb, Stella Wilson, Charley Buckner, Kiran Malde, Sarah Grace Powell (President)


Certificates of credit to international students attending SAS for one year:
Ugne Bluzaite, Ruben Karsberg, and Nele Hannah Rygol.



Recognition of state athletic commendations

Cross Country

·  AJ Clements 22nd place at State

Girls’ Wrestling

·  Melanie Val (22-5): 4th place 

·  Verena Pate (21-3): 2nd place

·  Stella Wilson (15-10) State qualifier

·  Hadlee Hale (13-13) State qualifier


·  Jackson Frazier: 200 yd Individual Medley (24th place) and 100 yd Breaststroke (11th place)

·  Loulie Frazier: 100 yd Backstroke (63rd place), 200 yd Medley Relay (30th place), and 400 yd Freestyle Relay (27th place)

·  Sarah Russell Leonard: 100 yd Butterfly (33rd place), 500 yd Freestyle (38th place), 200 yd Medley Relay (30th place), and 400 yd Freestyle Relay (27th place)

·  Sienna Barry: Girls’ 200 yd Medley Relay (30th place) and 400 yd Freestyle Relay (27th place)

·  Reese Michaels: Girls’ 200 yd Medley Relay (30th place) and 400 yd Freestyle Relay (27th place)

Mountain Biking

·  Libby Neubauer Varsity Girls, 8th place

·  William Shrader Freshman Boys, 1st place

·  Elliott Benson Varsity Boys, 6th place

·  Caleb Palmertree Varsity Boys, 7th place

·  A.J. Clements Varsity Boys, 8th place


Track & Field

·  Kiran Malde: Boys 4x800 relay 

·  Kyler Cantrell: Boys 4x800 relay

·  Micah Moody: Boys 4x800 relay

·  A.J. Clements: Boys 4x800 relay and 800m run


The William Holland Varnell Manager’s Award: Sarah Grace Powell

Four Year, Three Sport Athlete
Verena Pate (4 years soccer, 4 years wrestling, 4 years track & field)
Kyler Cantrell (4 years football, 4 years basketball, 4 years track & field)

Best Female Athlete: Verena Pate
Best Male Athlete: Ryan Ostrowski



Cum Laude Society New Inductee: Michael Pongdee

Departmental Awards


Performing Arts Awards:
The Bayard Walters Radio Broadcasting Award: Luke Baird
The Vocal Music Award: Taylor Irwin
The Instrumental Music Award: Madeline Sumpter
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theater:  Luke Baird

Visual Arts Awards:
The Rosie Paschall Visual Art Award: Amoriae McKinney-Bailey
The Ceramics Award: Michael Pongdee
The St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Gallery Award for 3-dimensional art: Sam Lu


Beginning Latin:  Eoin Pate
Intermediate Latin: Taylor Wells
Advanced Latin: Ally Syler
The Ruth Cook Benson Latin Outstanding Achievement Award: Annika Stefanut

Spanish I:  Ketiah Inganji
Spanish II: Arthur Glacet
Spanish III: Dimitri Sherrill
Spanish IV: Toby Van de Ven
The Bun Pickering Spanish Outstanding Achievement Award: Nadya Kuriachaia

Science & Technology Department Awards:
Biology: Onawa Henson
Advanced Biology:  Verena Pate
The John David Owsley Conceptual Physics Award: Briley Meador          
The Lisa Keith-Lucas Chemistry Award: Ivy Moser
Advanced Chemistry:  Anja Dombrowski
The Michael S. Dalton Award for Excellence in Physics: Abbott Root

Historical Studies: Briley Meador
The Margaret Duncan Binnicker Global History Award: Emma Wockasen
United States History: Ugne Bluzaite
Place-based American Studies: Onawa Henson
Literary Studies: Amelia Pond
Global Literature: Tom Karanja
The Frank Phillips White English 11 Award: Reese Michaels
The Danny Griffiths Award for Excellence in English: Isabel Patterson
The Andrew Nelson Lytle Writing Award: Hadlee Hale
The James Agee Award for Non-Fiction: Isabel Patterson
The Sewanee Poetry Award: Maple Landis-Browne
The William S. Wade Religious Studies Award: Shiv Patel

Pre-Algebra: Maddie Brewer
Algebra I: Theo Michaels
Algebra II: Onawa Henson
Geometry: Caroline Neubauer
Advanced Statistics: Verena Pate
Precalculus: Toby Van de Ven
The Sarah McPherson Carlos Calculus Award: Abbott Root

University of the South Course Enrollment
Ugne Bluzaite:
Principles of Economics; World Politics; and The Politics of Poverty and Inequality
Annabett Bridgers: Hydrology
Laura Crigger: American Government and Politics
Grey Givens: Modern East Asia
Hadlee Hale: Sports in Global Perspective
Will Hernandez: Topics in Spanish-Speaking Cultures: Current Events and Literature
Ronny Ishimwe: Principles of Economics
Ellie Jenkins: Intermediate Spanish; and Topics In Spanish-Speaking Cultures: Fictions
Alex King: Modern East Asia
Susanne Morrissey: American Government and Politics
Pierra Mutavu: West and Central Africa in the Atlantic World
Ryan Ostrowski: Intermediate Spanish 
Shiv Patel:
Introduction to Macroeconomics; Holocaust, Religion, Morality
Isabel Patterson: Principles of Economics; Chinese through Lyrics; and World Politics
Michael Pongdee: Intermediate Spanish; and Topics in Spanish-Speaking Cultures: Fictions
Sarah Grace Powell: American Government and Politics; and Sports in Global Perspective       
Madeline Sumpter: Introduction to Environmental Studies
Lexi Taylor: West and Central Africa in the Atlantic World
Audrey Ward: American Government and Politics
Jonte Wedig: Differential Equations

Highest Academic Average

9th Grade:  Briley Meador
10th Grade:  Emma Wockasen
11th Grade:  Susanne Morrissey
12th Grade: Isabel Patterson


VALEDICTORIAN: Isabel Patterson

SMA Class of 1946 Junior Leadership Award: Hadlee Hale
The Sewanee Military Academy Memorial Merit Award: Abbott Root
The Josephus Conn Guild Colmore, Jr., Award: Sarah Brewster
Colmore Art Purchase Award: Caleb Palmertree
The Betty Guyear Condra Perseverance Award: Amoriae McKinney-Bailey
The Lulu Hampton Owen Service Award: Emily Bailey
The Day Student Award: Luca Malde
The Boarding Student Award: Annabett Bridgers
The Head of School's Award: Ryan Ostrowski


The school community recognized twenty-year faculty Kinion Asmus, and departing faculty members Bill Seavey, Viva Reynolds, Jennifer Dillon, Anna Konradi, Chelsea Padro, John Wheeler, Haley Chelsvig.

Math teacher Brian Mazur was honored with the Cissy Patterson Chair in Mathematics for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Major Awards Recipients 2023 (L-R): Luca Malde, Day Student Award; Ryan Ostrowski, Head of School's Award, Best Male Athlete Award; Verena Pate, Best Female Athlete Award; Amoriae McKinney-Bailey, Betty Guyear Condra Perseverance Award; Abbott Root, Sewanee Military Academy Memorial Merit Award; Annabett Bridgers, Boarding Student Award; Emily Bailey, Lulu Hampton Owen Service Award. 


VALEDICTORIAN: Isabel Patterson