School News

Students at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School contemplate the geology of the area from one of the school’s beautiful overlooks.

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School is beginning the new school year on-campus, in-person and with 55 new students from around the Middle Tennessee region and around the world, including a record number of middle school boarding students.

As part of its extensive protocols for the safe re-opening of school and return to in-person classes, SAS began welcoming boarding students back to campus on August 8. In cooperation with the University of the South, all students, boarding and day, were COVID tested prior to returning to active campus life.

In-person classes began on August 17 with a very small number of families opting for online classes. Teachers are also providing a virtual experience for a small number of international students who have not yet been able to sort out visa and travel arrangements due to the disruptions created by the pandemic.

“The challenges our faculty have faced and met since March have been tremendous,” explained Head of School Karl J. Sjolund. “First, there was the pivot to virtual classes in the spring for which they received high marks from our parents. I am proud of the resiliency and commitment with which they have trained this summer to improve the online experience when we return to virtual learning.”

SAS adjusted their academic year schedule to move to return to online classes after the Thanksgiving break and the height of flu season. When that happens, the school’s new learning management system will help students and families to better adjust to the experience.

Although some activities have had to be adjusted to increase safety during the pandemic, students continue to participate in athletics, afternoon programs, and weekend activities with modifications.

Students are so thrilled to be back in community and back in the classrooms that they are not complaining about the strict requirements for face coverings and social distancing. It helps that SAS’s 550-acre campus provides ample opportunity for outdoor learning and gathering.

“I am so happy to be starting a new year at such an awesome school,” said Graeden Miller, a new boarding sophomore from Nashville. “Last year, I was stuck at home and had to do school in my room and online. It’s great to be able to be with other students and get to spend so much time outdoors.”

Fewer than five spaces remain for late enrollment. Students interested in joining the SAS community this fall or who want to be considered for mid-year or 2021-2022 are encouraged to contact the Admission Office ( or inquire online (