4-Year Science Beaker Reception

On Tuesday afternoon, the Science department held its Beaker Reception, honoring the 18 seniors who chose to go above and beyond the minimum requirement of 3 years of Science by taking at least 4 total years of Science in high school. This is a special tradition, and the Science faculty enjoyed spending time with the graduating seniors who have spent these extra hours in Wade Hall! 

4 Years of Science Classes: Ethan Allen, Sarah Brewster, Grayson Cleveland, Cameron Crawford, Drew DeLorme, Victor Dillon, Susanne Morrissey, Sarah Grace Powell

4.5 Years of Science Classes: Hadlee Hale, Onawa Henson, Will Hernandez, Ellie Jenkins, Abbott McDougal, Reese Michaels, Melanie Val

5.5 Years of Science Classes: Anja Dombrowski

6.5 Years of Science Classes: Elliott Benson, Jackson Frazier