School News

Science Students Go the Distance

On Monday, May 3, the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School Science & Technology Department recognized students who achieved at least one year of science beyond the three years required for graduation. Department chair Dr. Viva Reynolds read off the names of the students while Academic Dean and Associate Head of School Kelley Black presented each scholar with an SAS beaker mug. Following the presentation, students enjoyed refreshments.

Seniors receiving recognition included:

Six years of science:
Caroline Lamborn (Sewanee, Tenn.)

Five years of science:
Sarah Grace Burns (Sewanee, Tenn.)
Myers Gorrell (Sewanee, Tenn.)
Zolon Knoll (Sewanee, Tenn.)
Lauren Ostrowski (Monteagle, Tenn.)
Justine Rogers (Sewanee, Tenn.)

Four and a half years of science:
Meredith Foster (Winchester, Tenn.)
Nathan King (Sewanee, Tenn.)
Hannah Warmbrod (Belvidere, Tenn.)

Four years of science:
Madalyn Cleveland (South Pittsburg, Tenn.)
Curtis Gill (South Pittsburg, Tenn.)
Luciana Mollica (Sewanee, Tenn.)
Hannah Moss (Monteagle, Tenn.)
Porter Neubauer (Belvidere, Tenn.)
Xavier Thompson (Kingston, Jamaica)
Sean Willis (Sewanee, Tenn.)
Payton Zeitler (Sewanee, Tenn.)

In addition to the core courses of Conceptual Physics, Biology, and Chemistry, SAS students may take year-long electives in Advanced Biology, Advanced Chemistry, and/or Advanced Chemistry or semester-long electives that include Forensic Science, Introduction to Field Geology, Archaeology of the Southeastern United States, Earth and the Anthropocene, Environmental Science, and/or science classes at the University of the South.