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Shakerag Workshops Rejuvenates in June

Shakerag Workshops returns to the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School campus this June, offering opportunities for adults to expand and rejuvenate their creativity. Shakerag welcomes artists and aspiring artists from across the United States for in-person classes beginning with the Knitting Getaway June 10-13 and followed by one week-long sessions in a variety of media that run June 13-19 and June 20-26.

Shakerag’s week-long classes, taught by professional artists from across the country, include natural dyeing, pottery, painting, photography, collage, sewing, digital arts, beading, and wood sculpture. 

“It has been fun to watch Shakerag Workshops grow over the years,” says director Claire Reishman. “We were disappointed to have to cancel the program on our campus last summer because of the coronavirus, but we were delighted that the series of online classes we offered throughout the winter were very well attended. We are excited to be back for in-person classes in June. Over 200 participants and faculty members will be joining us from all over the country, and we are looking forward to introducing them to our life here on the mountain.”

Shakerag Workshops attracts a diverse group of participants who enjoy the gourmet meals and social gatherings surrounding the classes almost as much as they enjoy the workshops themselves. Most classes are open to a wide range of abilities, and beginners and professionals take classes together. The inclusive atmosphere of Shakerag is one of the hallmarks of the program, and teachers over the years have commented on the vitality of classes. “Though the program has grown over the years,” says Reishman, “we work each session to retain the sense of closeness among faculty and students that we had as a smaller program, and those who have attended classes say that they leave Shakerag feeling refreshed and energized to continue developing their artistic interests.”

The Shakerag Workshops website ( has more information about Shakerag classes, a more detailed description of the program, and application forms. Though some classes and the Knitting Getaway weekend are full, Shakerag Workshops is still accepting applications for most classes this June. Local applicants receive a discount in tuition. For more information, contact Claire Reishman at 931-691-5264 or email her directly (

Summer is a vibrant time at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School, an independent day and boarding school in Sewanee, Tennessee. In addition to Shakerag Workshops, the school offers overnight and day camps for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Information about these camps is available at