School News

Aerial Photo of Sewanee Village

In addition to offering advanced courses and electives, students at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School may enroll in credit-earning courses covered by their SAS tuition at the nearby University of the South. This fall, nine students are enrolled in 10 classes, including Cicero; Literature & Composition; Introduction to Macroeconomics; Intermediate Chinese; Intermediate Spanish; Introduction to Hispanic Literature; Macroeconomic Theory; and Calculus II.

“Unlike many high schools that offer college prep through AP courses or online enrollment, SAS students learn to hold their own and excel in a college setting with college-aged classmates,” explains Academic Dean and Associate Head of School Kelley Black. “Students get experience in balancing a college course workload, participating in a college classroom, and communicating with college professors before getting to college.”

Shiv Patel a junior at SAS is enrolled in Literature and Composition at Sewanee this semester. “At first, I was extremely nervous about my college class. However, after a while, I learned that I had nothing to worry about because my SAS education properly prepared me to thrive in the course”. Shiv is currently one of the top students in his college class.

In an average year, 32% of the senior class will graduate with college credit.

The school will be holding an Admission Open House on Sunday, October 24.