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Afternoon Programs

Students doing yoga

Each afternoon students spread out across campus and the community for a variety of activities. In addition to interscholastic athletic competition, students have a broad range of non-competitive activity options or may design and request approval for independent programs in areas not available through the school. Past independent programs have included dance courses at the University of the South, fencing, karate, band promotion, and horseback riding.

Afternoon Programs are considered to be part of the curriculum and are listed on student transcripts. Students commit between six and 12 hours each week to their Afternoon Programs for the duration of our 12-week seasons. Boarding students must participate in one afternoon program each trimester.  Afternoon Programs are optional for Middle School day students. Upper School day students must participate in three afternoon programs in their 9th and 10th grade year and two in their 11th and 12th grade years. Each year, Upper School students must complete at least one term of a program that requires physical activity. See Teams & Schedules for more information about interscholastic teams. 

2020-2021 Middle School Afternoon Programs
Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country Basketball Adventure Cycling (MWF)
Farming (MWF) Strength & Conditioning (8th grade only) (MWF) Farming (MWF)
Golf* (proficiency) Swimming Boys' Soccer
Mountain Biking (MWF) Textile Arts (8th grade only) (MWF) Tennis (MWF)
Musical Theater Theater Track and Field
Outdoor Adventure: Wilderness Basics (MWF) Wrestling Volleyball
Girls' Soccer Yearbook (8th grade only) (MWF)  
Strength & Conditioning (8th grade only) (MWF)    
Yearbook (8th grade only) (MWF)    

* Indicates evaluation or permission required. For Golf, participants must be able to shoot below a 60 on the 9-hole course.
Not physically active 

Course Descriptions