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Distance Learning Resources


Daily Schedule for Virtual Classes

March 26-May 8

2020 Virtual Schedule

Class Time represents a combination of synchronous learning (whole class video conference, chat, discussion) and asynchronous learning (students working individually at their own pace)

Work Time represents asynchronous learning (students working individually at their own pace).

Advisory represents synchronous time when advisors and advisees can check in with each other, connecting virtually face to face or through chat.

Lunch represents a break to eat a healthy meal, get some exercise, do something creative, help out around the house, or engage in individual pursuits.

Office Hours represents time to get extra help from teachers, academic support from Mrs. Perkins, library support from Mrs. Jones, or counseling/pastoral support from Mother Short.

Keeping Your Assignments Organized

All assignments and resources with due dates will be available by the beginning of each class meeting. Assignments will be found in the “Homework” section of FACTS on the day the class meets. Documents and websites will be found in the “Resources” section of FACTS. If your teacher uses Google Classroom, your assignments and resources will also be found there.

Daily To Do List Template for Upper School Students

Daily To Do List Template for Middle School Students

Technical Help

Distance Learning Tips for Students

  • Create your workspace. Choose a well-lit, quiet area with a desk or table and a comfortable chair.
  • Organize your materials. Make sure you have a good supply of paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. stored in the desk drawer or in a small storage bin. Put away all distractions.
  • Charge your computer daily.
  • Keep a daily routine by following the SAS virtual school schedule. Work time blocks follow each class and should be used for that class, so think of these as 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hour blocks of time to work on each of your classes.
  • Print the virtual school schedule and post it so that you can always see it.
  • Make a to-do list for each day and make sure your to-do list includes all of the academic tasks for the day, as well as creative and physical activities, household tasks, and things just for fun.
  • Complete your academic work daily with your highest level of effort.
  • Maintain the highest level of academic integrity by following the SAS Honor Code. Write the full Academic Pledge on all graded work: “I pledge that I will neither give nor receive any unauthorized information on this work.”
  • Communicate regularly with your teachers and advisor through email, video conference, or Google chat, especially if you are having any difficulty or need extra support.
  • During live video conferencing, dress appropriately (modesty rules apply) and make sure you are in a quiet, but visible and professional, location in your home. You may not video conference from your bed.

Learning Support is Just a Click Away

Would you like assistance with general study skills or writing support during our new Distance Learning model? If so, please email Mrs. Perkins ( for general academic support or Ms. Carlos ( for specific writing support during office hours to schedule an appointment.

Distance Learning Tips for Parents

  • Make sure your child has a designated learning space in a well-lit area with a desk or table, comfortable chair, plenty of school supplies, and access to a charged device.
  • Help your child follow the SAS virtual school schedule. Post the schedule in a highly visible place in the house.
  • Encourage (and help, if needed) your child to create a daily to-do list, and monitor that tasks are being completed.
  • Encourage your child to communicate regularly with teachers, advisors, and other support people as needed, and please communicate any of your questions or concerns as well.

“(We) are pleased and impressed with the care, organization, and efficiency with which SAS has adapted to the Corona Virus. Thank you. Julia copied her new schedule last night and I think it was comforting for her to anticipate a new routine. Thank you for all you have done to keep the lines of communications flowing and clear.”

Joseph Sumpter, parent

Eliza is enjoying the structure and the contact with her teachers and classmates. Her mood has improved so much, and all has gone very smoothly from our end.

Betsy Sandlin, Parent