Grade-Level Programming

Sixth Graders on Bridge

Grade-level programming uses co-curricular activities on and off campus to help build community and cohesion among members of each grade. Each grade has a yearlong theme that is tied to the students developmental stage and loosely connected to the shared curriculum of that year. These events are required parts of the curriculum.

6th Grade: Building Community

Sixth grade activities include an annual three-day campout including such popular activities as art, science, theater, humanities, hiking, astronomy, fishing, “spider sniffing,” games, and evening campfires. 
Curricular Connections:

  • Ancient civilizations and the Middle Ages (Humanities)
  • "Civilizations" focus (Adventure Education)
  • Weather and astronomy (Science)
  • Place-based art and “campus as studio" (Art) 

7th Grade: Strengthening Community

Curricular Connections:

  • US History from pre-colonization through the early 1800's (Humanities)
  • Local Geology and Prehistory of the Cumberland Plateau; Ecology of the Cumberland Plateau; end of year culminates in small group, student-designed nature studies (Science)
  • Relationships between art, design, and everyday (Art)
  • Maps, mapmaking, topography 

8th Grade: Deepening Relationships and Exploring Leadership

Curricular Connections:

  • US History from the Civil War to the present (Humanities)
  • Architecture, structure, and installation/how individuals interact with the space around them (Art)
  • Capstone experience of researching, designing, conducting, analyzing, and presenting an independent experiment or scientific study (Science) 

9th Grade: Who am I?

By valuing and empowering the many voices of our community and building on courses in History and English, which include reflection on the theme of identity, 9th grade examines the construction of the self (“Who am I?”). Ninth graders participate in a yearlong series of lunch ’n’ learn seminars, and they enjoy dessert socials and a canoeing trip.

One memorable experience at SAS is when the freshman class canoed down the Elk River and started our bond that carried throughout our senior year. Ashley Barry '14, Berry College '18

10th Grade: Where am I?

Building on the World History II and English 10 curriculum and capitalizing on the international nature of our student body, 10th grade will be an exploration of how students relate to the world on a global scale. Tenth graders will travel to Nashville to visit various houses of worship and enjoy Nashville Shores waterpark.

Junior Year: Where am I from?

Building on the American History/American Studies curriculum, but with recognition that this will not be the story of all our students, 11th grade explores the events that have brought students to this place in time. They will also be encouraged to begin to think of themselves as school leaders and to explore opportunities to express that leadership. Annual activities include an overnight visit to Chattanooga that includes trips to Point Park, the Hunter Museum, and Rock City.

Senior Year: Where am I headed?

Building on the Religion course and with recognition that our responsibility in this year is to prepare our students to leave our campus, 12th grade seeks to give students a strong sense of who they are, the possibilities available to them, and the skills they may need to navigate in the world beyond our campus. Seniors offer a day of labor to the SAS Farm, enjoy a canoeing trip, and finish the year with a class retreat.