Things to Do

On the SAS Campus

  • Visit the Art Gallery in Simmonds Hall.
  • Do a walking tour of the campus outdoor art installations.
  • Hike to Piney Point, around the school lake or to the Res. (You can print a copy of our campus map for other hiking trails.)
  • Ride the mountain bike trail.
  • Pick wild blackberries and blueberries.
  • Hunt for wildflowers on one of our many trails.

At the University of the South

  • Tour the University's architecture including All Saints' Chapel, the Chapel of the Apostles and McClurg Dining Hall. (Guests may eat at the dining hall for a fee.)
  • Visit Abbo's Alley, Sewanee's linear park.
  • Hike the 22-mile perimeter trail which circles the University's 13,000 acre campus.
  • Watch the sunset from the Memorial Cross.
  • Work out at the Fowler Center's indoor pool, racquetball/tennis courts, indoor track, climbing wall or weight room. (SAS guests pay $3.00/day.)
  • Go wildflower hunting or birding at Lake Cheston or in Shakerag Hollow.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee and an art exhibit at Stirling's Coffee House.
  • Shop for local crafts at the Lemon Fair and gifts at Taylor's Mercantile.
  • Visit the University's Art Gallery or catch a concert or lecture on campus.
  • Play a round of golf at The Course at Sewanee.
  • Enjoy dinner in downtown Sewanee.

Nearby Attractions