Alumni Council

Alumni Council

The Alumni Association comprises all who attended or taught at SAS or her parent schools: Sewanee Military Academy, Sewanee Academy, St. Andrew's School, and St. Mary's School. The Association is governed by the Alumni Council which consists of the officers of the Association and at least four other alumni, totaling a minimum of seven members. Three officers are appointed to the Council and serve two-year terms in each position. One member of the Alumni Council will be designated for a three-year term by the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council and the Board of Trustees to serve as the Alumni Council Representative to the Board. Alumni Council members may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. Based on nominations from the Council, members are selected by a committee which includes the Head of School, Director of Advancement, and the Director of Alumni.

The three working pillars of the Alumni Council are:

Give Back
Give Forward

The Council meets twice yearly, once in the fall for their organizational meeting and once in the spring. Members are also expected to assist and participate, as they are able, in regional gatherings, career series for seniors, Alumni Weekend, and Volunteer Work Day. All are encouraged to coordinate a community service project in their area. The Council also serves as a communication arm of the Alumni Office. Alumni interested in serving on the Council may contact the Alumni Office.

2021-2022 Alumni Council

Aggie Wright Stephenson '01,  President
Lawson Bordley '91, Vice President
Teresa Outlaw StA '82, Secretary
Martha Warren StA '82, Trustee Representative
Allen Brooks SMA '69
Leslie Green Bryan '94
Hamilton Shook Charlson '04
Holly Anderson Kruse '82
Katharine "Kate" Sheeler StA '81
Terry Snyder '85
Beth Sperry SA '76
Tom Taylor SMA '64
Liz Gilliam Womack '02
Joshua Yap '12

Beyond the Mountain

Beyond the Mountain spotlights SAS alumni and how their time on the Mountain shaped who and where they are today. Each quarter we feature a diverse mix of alumni reminiscing about their days at SAS.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are volunteer opportunities for all alumni regardless of proximity to the SAS campus. Below are a few ways alumni may involve themselves with the school. 

Alumni Council membership provides an excellent avenue of service to the school with a focus on communications. 

Reunion Leaders are needed to provide leadership for classes celebrating their 10th, 25th, and 50th reunions. Classes celebrating reunions above their 50th are also welcome and encouraged to gather. Reunion Leaders work directly with the Alumni Director to disseminate information, spark the emotional flame to return to the Mountain, and find lost classmates, ensuring a memorable reunion weekend.

Community Service Projects are sponsored by alumni in various regional cities. Alumni in the area are encouraged to attend. The events are social and outreach oriented with family participation encouraged. 

Volunteer Work Day is sponsored by the Alumni Council each summer. The day includes two morning projects, a restful lunch in the quad, and a shorter afternoon work session followed by a cool swim in the Res. Past projects included moving and renovating the school store, painting the press box, building benches, painting residential house rooms, working on the SAS farm, and remodeling the Alumni Offices in Langford Hall.

Contact the Alumni Office for more information on these and other alumni volunteer opportunities.