Alumni & Service Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Award is given each year to the alumnus or alumna who has achieved excellence in his or her field of endeavor and/or has made outstanding contributions to his or her community, and has brought distinction to them, to their professions and to their alma mater.

The St. Andrew's-Sewanee Service Award is given to those individuals who have exhibited exemplary support of and leadership for St. Andrew's-Sewanee School. The ideal recipients shall include both alumni and friends of the school who have over time demonstrated unusual loyalty and service to the school by virtue of their time and talent, and in doing so have served as outstanding role models to current students and to future generations of SAS graduates.

Award Recipients

Kix Brooks with Jerry and Phil White

2005 Distinguished Alumni Award
Musician, broadcast personality, and entrepreneur

Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

2023  Andrew S. Hard '06
2022 Jim Boyd StA '65, Michael Hollingsworth '88, Peter Jenkins '91
2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Ric Dillon StA '74 
2018 Elliott Puckette '85
2017 Not Awarded
2016 Not Awarded
2015 Clifton Lewis StA '75 and William Turner SMA '65
2014 Richard Manship SMA '64
2013 Stephen Alvarez '83
2012 Mike deGruy SMA '70 (Posthumous)
2011 Sean Bridgers '86 and Elisabeth Röhm '91 
2010 Bayard "Bud" Walters SMA '59
2009 Dale Doss StA '54 and Porter Halyburton SMA '59
2008 Lewie Card SMA '71
2007 Bob Standridge StA '57
2006 George Garrett SMA '46
2005 Kix Brooks SA '73

St. Andrew's-Sewanee Service Award

2023  Phil White, Jerry White
2022 Louie Buntin, Lynn Smith, Rich Westling
2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Artie Manning SMA '66 
2018 Eunice Colmore, Trustee
2017 Not Awarded
2016 Andy Simmonds StA '61
2015 Not Awarded
2014 Not Awarded
2013 Doug Campbell SMA '59
2012 Maria Campbell, Former Trustee
2011 Murray Robinson StA '52
2010 Not Awarded
2009 Bill Wade, Retired Head of SAS
2008 Elbert Jemison SMA '40, Gordon Street, Former Trustee and Jim Watts SMA '54
2007 Bob Ayres, Trustee, Anne Griffin, Former Trustee and Parent, Doug Warner, Former Trustee and Parent
2006 Stanley Hole StA '49, Bob Adams SMA '51, Ralph Williams SMA '51
2005 Clyde Medford, StA '43 (Posthumous), Hartwell Hooper StA '48 (Posthumous), Chole Tucker SMS '63 (Posthumous), Webb Turner SMA '55, and Phebe Hethcock, Former Trustee and Parent