Students shooting a movie

In film making class the focus is creation. Students train to shoot digital projects to edit on iMacs using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Collaboration among the students are stressed in the class. Each semester a pool of filmmakers becomes qualified to work on each other’s film crews. More ambitious projects become possible, and independent projects are also encouraged.

The school's 550-acre campus makes an excellent studio for outdoor shooting. Here on the mountain we have excellent sky and interesting light, as well as beautiful trails, vistas, caves, and waterways.

In addition to film making classes, students may pursue film making during afternoon programs, through independent study, and by shooting independent projects using school equipment. Advanced students are eligible to take film classes, for free and for credit, at the nearby University of the South.

"It wasn't until I got to film school that I realized how valuable the St. Andrews-Sewanee film program had been to my education. I was a step ahead of my peers with fundamental knowledge of sound and video equipment, professional editing programs, and a cinematographic vocabulary. SAS film classes gave me an essential introduction to all aspects of filmmaking and pushed me to experiment and grow as an artist. By my senior year, I was prepared with a portfolio that got me into one of the top film schools in the country.
Julia Cammack '14, Pratt Institute '18

Julia Meriwether '14

Joe Petrilla '00

Brian Jordan Alvarez '05