Leaving Iowa Theater Production

At St. Andrew's-Sewanee School the Theatre is a space for learning and for creating. Formal theatre courses focus on collaborative skills, scenework, types of performance and acting methods. Students in both Middle School and the Upper School have the opportunity to audition for productions throughout the year. Most years, the school stages two major productions including one musical. 

In addition to performance, students may help with directing, scenery and costume design, music, and administrative functions related to the shows. Through the theatre program, students enjoy a creative outlet while honing lifelong skills of public speaking, teamwork and working under strict deadlines.

SAS Theatre productions in recent years have included: Cinderella, The Ants, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Sweeney Todd, Comedy of Errors, GodzillaMetamorphoses, a festival of one-act plays, an original collaboration, and a revue of Broadway show tunes.

Leaving Iowa 2018
Cinderella On Stage
Comedy of Errors
Spring Concert
Comedy of Errors Full Cast
Theatre at SAS is almost like an educational recess/bonding experience/talent epiphany, but better. Everyone has fun, is relaxed and open, plus we learn so much--not just about theatre and acting, but about trying new stuff and taking risks and opportunities. Everyone in both the afternoon program and the class ends up kind of like a big crazy family even if they didn't know each other in the beginning. I love it.
Katie Craighill '13, Bowdoin College '17