Middle School Swimming

Middle School Swim 2019

2019-2020 Season Highlights

The SAS MS swim team finished an exceptional season with a total of 25 broken records and a 4-0 regular season record. Losing only 5 of 18 swimmers to the varsity swim team next year, the 2020-2021 season is looking fantastic for the SAS MS swim team.

MTHSSA State Championship Qualifiers: Sienna Barry, Elliott Benson, Enzo Fath, Jackson Frazier, Loulie Frazier, Jack Hale, Sara Knight, Kiran Malde, Maya Mauzy, Reese Michaels, Caroline Neubauer, Elisabeth Perkins, Sarah Russell Roberson, Madison Rogers, Maddie Van de Ven, Toby Van de Ven, Vie Virkhaus

Team Finish MTHSSA State Championship: Boys 10th, Girls 21st

Finals at MTHSSA State Championship:
Jackson Frazier: 100 Breaststroke (1st), 100 Freestyle (3rd)
Enzo Fath: 500 Freestyle (5th), 200 Freestyle (8th)
Loulie Frazier: 100 Backstroke (14th)
Jackson Frazier, Enzo Fath, Kiran Malde, and Toby Van de Ven:  6th place in 400 Free Relay (6th), 200 Medley Relay (10th)


2018-2019 Season Highlights:
Championship Qualifiers: Sienna Barry, AJ Clements, Jackson Frazier, Loulie Frazier, Huxley Hume-Allingham, Dylan Kiningham, Luca Malde, Maya Mauzy, Reese Michaels, Chris Moore, Libby Neubauer, Caleb Palmertree, Elisabeth Perkins, Madeline Sumpter, and Toby Van de Ven
Team finish at State Championships: Boys 22nd, Girls 28th
Finals at State Championship: Jackson Frazier 500 free (10th) and 100 breast (4th), AJ Clements 100 back (10th), and Libby Neubauer 200 free (14th)

Schedule and Results

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Opponent Date Time Advantage Details Result Score Status
MTHSSA Middle School Swimming Championships, Multiple Teams
All Day
Middle School Swimming Records (Yards)  
Event Time Name Year
50 Free 29.20 Eliza McNair 2010
100 Free 01:04.05 Loulie Frazier 2020
200 Free 02.21.60 Libby Neubauer 2019
500 Free 6:25.77 Maya Mauzy 2020
50 Back 33.21 Loulie Frazier 2019
100 Back 01:08.79 Loulie Frazier 2020
50 Breast 37.18 Anna Obermiller 2006
100 Breast 01:20.81 Anna Obermiller 2005
50 Fly 32.74 Erin Berner-Coe 2012
100 Fly 01:16.86 Katie Craighill 2009
100 IM 01:21.39 Emily Blount 2008
200 IM 02:39.65 Loulie Frazier 2020
100 Free Relay 01:04.89 H. Wilson, S. Register, K. Dudley, K Craighill 2006
200 Free Relay 02:00.64 M. Mauzy, R. Michaels, S. Barry, L. Frazier 2020
400 Free Relay 04:36.36 M. Mauzy, R. Michaels, S. Roberson, L. Frazier 2019
200 Medley Relay 02:13.39 R. Michaels, M. Mauzy, L. Frazier, S. Barry 2020
Event Time Name Year
50 Free 25.16 Zolon Knoll 2016
100 Free 54.66 Jackson Frazier 2020
200 Free 01:54.07 Ralph Long 2008
500 Free 04:57.61 Ralph Long 2003
50 Back 31.67 Zachary Blount 2006
100 Back 01:04.20 Ralph Long 2002
50 Breast 29.95 Jackson Frazier 2019
100 Breast 01:02.43 Jackson Frazier 2020
50 Fly 26.07 Ralph Long 2003
100 Fly 01:02.18 Zolon Knoll 2016
100 IM 01:02.69 Zachary Blount 2008
200 IM 02:03.70 Ralph Long 2003
100 Free Relay NA NA NA
200 Free Relay 1:55.54 P. Neubauer, M. Vaughan, Z. Knoll, A. Smith 2016
400 Free Relay 4:04.44 E. Fath, K. Malde, T. Van de Ven, J. Frazier 2020
200 Medley Relay 2:02.43 T. Van de Ven, J. Frazier, E. Fath, K. Malde 2020

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