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2022 Middle School Track and Field Team

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100m 13.8 HT Caroline Heirs 2016
200m 29.3 Elizabeth Gabaud 2009
400m 1:08.8 HT Sarah Grace Burns 2017
800m 2:45.96 Caroline Neubauer 2022
1600m 6:40 HT Helen Wilson, Katie Craighill, Elisabeth Perkins 2009, 2021
100m HH (30”) 19:48 Sarah Grace Burns 2016
4x100m 55.7.0 HT Helen Wilson, Katie Craighill, Katelyn Howard, Elizabeth Gabaud 2009
4x200m 2:08.36 Ketiah Inganji, Annabell Close, Keziah Inganji, Caroline Neubauer 2022
4x400m 5:19:97 Caroline Neubauer, Annabelle Close, Maya Mauzy, Elizabeth Perkins 2021
High Jump 4’10 Sarah Grace Burns 2017
Long Jump 14’ 8 ¾” Sarah Beth Hobby 2016
Shot 26’6’ Sarah Beavers 2010
Discus 64’5” Sarah Beavers 2010
100m 12.81 Kiran Malde 2022
200m 26.18 Kiran Malde 2022
400m 56.93 Eli McLean 2022
800m 2:28.55 Kiran Malde 2022
1600m 5:46.12 Kiran Malde 2022
100m HH 19.95 Curtis Gill 2017
4x100m 56.91 Toby Van de Ven, Tom Karanja, Hudson Rowles, and Kiran Malde 2021
4x200m 1:57.26 Kiran Malde, Tobi Van de Ven, Tom Karanja, Eli McLean 2021
4x400m 4:37:03 Kiran Malde, Tobi Van de Ven, Tom Karanja, Eli McLean 2021
High Jump 4’ Huxley Hume-Allingham 2017
Long Jump 15'9" Eli McLean 2022
Shot 23’ 61/2” Drake Cardin 2015
Discus 63’ 6” Drake Cardin 2015


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