Philosophy & Covenant

SAS offers all students the opportunity to develop their athletic skills, to reach their athletic potential, and to enjoy sports through team membership, competition, and participation. Athletics are a means by which students build character, exercise leadership skills, develop self-esteem, and learn the value of discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The athletic program is an integral part of the total school curriculum.

SAS offers a well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics. Opportunities for participation vary according to the sport and the level of competition. At the Middle School level, coaches emphasize the development of athletic skill and meaningful participation. At the varsity level, performance and team success become more primary objectives. However, in any athletic endeavor at SAS, the final measure of success lies not in winning or losing, but in how our athletes prepare for and play the game. The health and well-being of SAS student athletes come first while winning comes second.

The overall philosophy is to always to do our best as we strive for excellence.

InSideOut Coaching Initiative

SAS is participates in the nationally recognized InSideOut Initiative. Our coaches are committed to creating transformational experiences by developing meaningful relationships to help to shape the character of each of our athletes and teach life lessons of integrity, trust, respect, work ethic and kindness.  In all our endeavors care and love for our athletes is our goal.

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The SAS Athletic Covenant

Varsity Teams

The primary objective of a varsity team is to test its skills in competition and to compete at the highest level. Therefore, coaches use what they consider to be their best players to achieve this objective. All coaches strive to reward varsity athletes with the opportunity to play, but this opportunity is not assumed or taken for granted.

Junior Varsity

JV Boys Basketball 2019

Junior Varsity teams concentrate on developing skills and improving overall athletic ability. Coaches allow all junior varsity athletes to participate in junior varsity contests unless there are disciplinary or physical impediments to participation.

Middle School

Our Middle School athletics program helps young athletes develop skills appropriate for Middle School level competition and, if they have the desire and ability, to move on to varsity athletics. Games are scheduled in competitive leagues but there is less emphasis on competition and greater emphasis on all athletes participating in games during the regular season. Although this may not mean equal playing time, SAS is dedicated to providing Middle School athletes with opportunities to further their development in practice so they can improve their performance during competitive situations. During tournament play, the emphasis may shift to a more competitive approach.

I just wanted you to know that your coaches and kids were the most respectful and courteous bunch of people that I have had the pleasure to officiate in a long time...I heard nothing but encouragement from the coaches (a rarity these days) and total respect for my partner and myself. You should commend your coaches for teaching these kids that it is not all about the winning ... Good job to all involved!

Ken Maury, Umpire