Philosophy & Covenant

One wrestler picking up another one
Rule #3: Act with love for your team. It is my job as a coach to be critical and demanding when necessary. It is your job to encourage, support, work for, work with, and love one another.

Coach Harrison Camp

The SAS Athletic Covenant

As an SAS Athlete...

I will give my best effort in every practice and every contest.
I will be on time and present for every team commitment.
I will respect and support my teammates.
I will respect the authority and judgment of my coach.
I will communicate with my coach if I have concerns or questions.
I will respect my opponents and the officials.
I will take responsibility for the care of all school equipment issued to me.
I will keep the locker room and practice areas neat and clean.
I will take responsibility for communicating with my teachers when class is missed due to athletics, and I will not use athletics as an excuse for an academic shortcoming.
I will practice good sportsmanship, representing SAS in a positive manner.

As an SAS Coach...

I will respect the dignity of every athlete.
I will respect my opponents and the officials.
I will be on time for every team commitment.
I will prepare for practice with an organized plan.
I will communicate clear expectations to athletes and parents.
I will teach and model good sportsmanship, representing SAS in a positive manner.

As the Parent of an SAS Athlete...

I will offer positive support for my child’s athletic participation.
I will respect the authority and judgment of the coach.
I will offer only positive support for the team and for the coaches during contests.
I will respect the decisions of the officials during contests.
I will discuss any concerns privately by phone or appointment with the coach first, then with the Athletic Director if necessary.
I will teach and model good sportsmanship, representing SAS in a positive manner.

Varsity Teams

The primary objective of a varsity team is to test its skills in competition and to compete at the highest level. Therefore, coaches use what they consider to be their best players to achieve this objective. All coaches strive to reward varsity athletes with the opportunity to play, but this opportunity is not assumed or taken for granted.

Junior Varsity

JV Boys Basketball 2019

Junior Varsity teams concentrate on developing skills and improving overall athletic ability. Coaches allow all junior varsity athletes to participate in junior varsity contests unless there are disciplinary or physical impediments to participation.

Middle School

Our Middle School athletics program helps young athletes develop skills appropriate for Middle School level competition and, if they have the desire and ability, to move on to varsity athletics. Games are scheduled in competitive leagues but there is less emphasis on competition and greater emphasis on all athletes participating in games during the regular season. Although this may not mean equal playing time, SAS is dedicated to providing Middle School athletes with opportunities to further their development in practice so they can improve their performance during competitive situations. During tournament play, the emphasis may shift to a more competitive approach.

Our Coaches

SAS coaches are part of the InSideOut Initiative. The InSideOut Initiative is a statewide movement sponsored by the Tennessee Titans and TSSAA. The initiative helps coaches to understand the tremendous impact that they can have on today's youth. The focus is to build positive relationships with our athletes to help them realize their worth as individuals and valued members of society.  Our goal is to win, but our purpose is to help our students understand the importance of integrity, respect, care, and empathy in their lives.

I just wanted you to know that your coaches and kids were the most respectful and courteous bunch of people that I have had the pleasure to officiate in a long time...I heard nothing but encouragement from the coaches (a rarity these days) and total respect for my partner and myself. You should commend your coaches for teaching these kids that it is not all about the winning ... Good job to all involved!

Ken Maury, Umpire