Winterim Course Proposal


For one week each school year, the St. Andrew's-Sewanee community shifts its attention from the regular academic routine to intensive courses of study dedicated to experimental and experiential learning. Winterim gives faculty members and students an opportunity to collaboratively explore and discover their passions. Students choose two courses to pursue for the week. Courses meet for 2 ½ hours each day Monday through Friday. Proposals should support one or more of the initiatives outlined in our Goals for School Improvement, Strategic Plan 2018-21, or Vision. Please consider these categories of focus: Place-Based Learning, Outdoor Adventure/Education, Arts, Service, Well-being (social, emotional, physical). All faculty are expected to teach one course. Non-teaching faculty/admin/staff are encouraged to submit a course proposal. Staff should first seek permission from their supervisor. 
Typical course enrollment is 14-18 students. We are often short middle school courses, so if at all possible, please make your course available to middle school students. Teaming up with another adult may be appropriate if it is needed to meet safety protocols and/or if it allows you to expand your roster size.
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Student StatusrequiredChoose all that may enroll. The wider the possible enrollment the better.
Choose all that may enroll. The wider the possible enrollment the better.
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Explain how the course proposal is in alignment with the school’s Goals for Improvement, Strategic Plan, and/or Vision. See link above.required
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If you plan to have a student co-sponsor, please list their name(s) here.
Provide brief notes of any COVID-19 safety considerations.
If your course is weather-dependent, provide a brief plan in the event of inclement weather.
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