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Denison University

Gosh, people, Denison is a terrific school and you just need to come out and get more info from our rep. The campus is perched on a hill in the quaint town of Granville about 40 minutes from Columbus. The facilities are impressive. Recently renovated and expanded science facilities have added lots of lab space for faculty research and instrumentation rooms on each floor. According to students, some of the best majors are ones you will find only at Denison. PPE (a triple major in philosophy, political science, and economics) is something you should investigate if you like to see interrelationships. The Richard G. Lugar Program in American Politics and Public Service involves coursework on campus and culminates in an internship in the House or Senate in Washington, DC. The top three issues on campus are the environment, social justice, and fair trade and, while generally middle of the road, the student body is more liberal leaning than you might expect. Theater has been traditionally strong and has produced some famous alums including Steve Carell. Admission is selective and you should have a B average or better to be competitive. D-III athletics, CTCL