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Rhodes College

Think Sewanee in a city plus a business major—that is a good way to start thinking about Rhodes. There are many, many similarities academically (and architecturally), but Rhodes has its own blues-y vibe and urban engagement energy. The facilities are all you could hope for. I have stayed in the dorms and I rate them comfy-dormy. The library is one of my favorites. The strong community service culture there among students and faculty is almost palpable. This is a Bonner Scholar school, where students with financial need and a commitment to volunteerism basically get a scholarship for doing community service in college in lieu of a work-study job. There are other dimensions to the program, too, so check it out if you are interested. There is a strong international perspective in the curriculum with majors in international economics, international business and strong language offerings, including Chinese. The sciences are top flight and many Rhodes students are involved in medical research at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, the premier place for research on childhood cancers, especially leukemia. This is a very creative and progressive place that deserves your attention. There are some GREAT merit scholarship programs there, too. OK, so it is in Memphis, but Memphis is actually a pretty cool city and the Rhodes campus is in a good area. The neighborhoods along the back side of campus have an edgy aspect, but they have been improving greatly over the years. The campus is quite safe. Rhodes is also across the road from the Memphis zoo and they say you can hear some of the animals at night if you listen hard enough—don't think you smell them, though. Athletics are popular and competitive, D-III. TE, CTCL (Colleges That Change Lives), Bonner Scholar School.