Compass Society

2019 Alumni Council

The Compass Society is an initiative of the Alumni Council which pays tribute to the lasting impact of the Mountain and sense of place it fosters for alumni of SAS and its parent schools. If your “true north” points back to your experiences on the Mountain, consider becoming a member today. Representing the 360 degrees of a compass, a monthly donation of $30 or more to the SAS Fund establishes your Compass Society membership and provides ongoing support of SAS and its mission.

Chapel with Dogwood

A Message from Mark Kelly StA '73

Whenever I reflect on my St. Andrew’s experience, my thoughts focus on three words: faith, hope, and charity. It took considerable faith for the monks of the Order of the Holy Cross to establish a monastery and secondary school for mountain boys in 1905. Their faith was based on the hope that their mission would improve students’ lives. And their hope was rewarded with financial charity from alumni and sources all over the country.

One hundred and fourteen years later, the OHC's legacy is maintained in every facet of St. Andrew' s-Sewanee School (SAS). One of the more essential components throughout the school's history is providing financial aid to students, with over 40 percent currently receiving some level of assistance.

I live near Sewanee and attend SAS events as often as possible. The school is similar to the past with students gaining academic and life skills they carry with them for the remainder of their days. Each visit rekindles my faith that the school’s mission continues.

To assist the work of SAS and to give thanks for my experience, I have chosen to become a Compass Society member. I encourage others to do the same by making a monthly gift of $30 or more to the SAS Fund. I am thankful for your devotion to our beautiful school on the mountain.

Peace, grace, and joy to you and your family.

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