Campus Trails

Mountain Bike Carry

The SAS community enjoys more than 10-miles of campus trails for hiking and mountain biking.

The trails were created largely through the efforts of SAS parents. In 1999, the first part of the Bobcat Trail was cleared during a Spring Clean-Up Day. Mountain Biking Coach Speed Baranco spearheaded the planning, clearing, and bridging of many miles of new trails, assisted by his wife Sian SA '72 and son Matthew '15.

Over the years parents, faculty, staff, and students joined in the effort to clear and maintain the trails. Members of SAS Boy Scout Troop 14 made trail improvements for their Eagle Projects: Sean Dalton '00 constructed a bridge spanning the creek that connects SAS to the University's Shakerag Trail; Nicholas Baranco '04 built Mountain Lion Lane; Derek Street '04 constructed the boardwalk at the trailhead of the Otter Limits Loop; Zach Huffman '09 completed the perimeter loop with the construction of Eagle Trail; Seth Burns '11 constructed the boardwalk on the trail connecting Deer Track to the Piney Point Trail; and Ethan Burns '11 built part of Salamander Meander. Many of the trails are named for animals that have been spotted on or near campus. Yes, even the mountain lion! 

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