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Our Donors

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their generosity during this fiscal year. Those listed have made gifts to St. Andrew's-Sewanee School between July 1, 2018 and November 30, 2018. This list is updated monthly. It does not include pledges of support.

If you would like to see your name added to this lift, make your gift online or contact our Advancement Office to discuss giving options. If you believe your name has been left off in error, please contact Director of Advancement Services Mary Blount.

Aetna Foundation-Blount

Aetna Foundation
The Very Rev. and Mrs. Martin L. Agnew, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Allen StA '77
Douglas E. Allen '93
Carolyn and Guthrie Allen
India E. Allen '13
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Allen
Stewart Anderson '10
Keith and Kay Anderson StA '72
Mr. and Mrs. M. Kent Anderson
David Andrews & Judy Condon
William F. Angell StA '70
J.R. Ankney
Peggy M. Ankney
Catharine Arnold SA '78 and John Bozzi
Isaac Arnold IV '04
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ashurst '94
Bob and Susan Askew
Steven and Melissa Askins
Alison M. Asmussen '99 & Peter Papura
Jennifer and Rob Bachman
Lee Ann and Dan Backlund
Sandy and Bruce Baird SMA '69
Joan F. Baird
Matt Baird '97
Deb and Rick Ball
B Bank of America Charitable Foundation ank of America
Diane N. Banks
Sian Howell Baranco SMA '72 and Speed Baranco
Sian Howell Baranco, SMA 1972 and Speed Baranco
Larry and Jo Ann Barker
Joseph L. Barker '96
Michael Barker '98 and Heidi Hanson
Jana Barnett '96
William and Martha Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Bass SMA '53
Mrs. Margaret D. Beasley
Mr. Peter R. Beasley
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Bennett SMA '68
D. Clyde Benson
Sherri Bergman and Scott Wilson
Bessemer Trust Company
Kelley and Robert Black
Mary and Steve Blount


Mose and Teri Bond
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Booher
Dr. and Mrs. Barry F. Booth, SAS 1985
Bouldin Carpet Cleaning
Katherine Branson '88
Sue Ellen Bridgers
Aaron Bridgers-Carlos '83
Bennett Bridgers-Carlos '84
Jessica Patterson Bridges '87
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Briggs StA '57
Susie C. Brighton SMS '59 & Keith Brighton
M. David Brooks '02
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander M. Bruce
Alexander S. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. Louie P. Buntin
Mrs. Linda Burnette
Doug Burns
Margot Burns
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Burris, Jr.
Buck and Sarah Butler
Ann Templeton Cameron SMS '65
Douglas W. Cameron SMA '65
Harrison Camp
Lacy and Tom Camp
Mr. Tuan Cao and Mrs. Chi Nguyen
Mrs. Claire M. Cappio
Malia Carlos '87
Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Carr StA '57
The Rev. Peter F. Casparian StA '68
Ryan and Erin Cassell
Central Louisiana Community Foundation
Bob and Geri Childress
Christ Episcopal Church
Lynn Cimino-Hurt
The Rev. and Mrs. Ted H. Clarkson
Ann Classon '83
David Clough SMA '57
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Cochran SMA '59
Susan G. Collins
Eunice R. and Rupert M. Colmore III
Eunice R. and Rupert M. Colmore III
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Condra
The Dorothy D. Conkey Trust
Heather Cooper and Jacob Coffin
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Cornelius SMA '71


Mr. and Mrs. William M. Courtney, Jr. SA '73
Drs. Robert and Maria-Elena Coutant
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Crane
Christopher L. Crigger
Frederick H. Croom, Jr. '85
Dr. Henrietta Brown Croom
Drs. Trudy and Joel Cunningham
James and Anne Dawes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. de Wolfe II StA '80
Carl B. Dickson, Jr. SMA '69
Diocese of Arkansas
The Kennedy Douglass Trust
Mr. and Mrs. G. Newton Drake, Jr. SMA '69
Duck River Electric
Elizabeth Clark Duncan StA '76 and Richard Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt P. Dyke SA '80
The Hon. and Mrs. Oscar H. Eaton, Jr. SMA '61
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Elliott, Jr. SA '77
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Faircloth StA '61
Kent and Susan Farris
The Rev. and Mrs. Donald Fishburne
Mr. and Mrs. Jett M. Fisher, Jr.
Beth Pride and Steve Ford
John J. B. Ford StA '77
Keith D. Forsyth
Dr. and Mrs. Dudley C. Fort, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Foster
John and Barbara Fox
Franklin County Lumber Co.
David Fricker and Jennifer Matthews
Carol Fujiyoshi
Mr. and Mrs. Vance S. Gammons SMA '54
Camas Gazzola '12
SFC and Mrs. Scott D. Gelinas '96
Natalie Trusdell Gibbon '83 and Andrew Gibbon
Milt Gillespie SMA '50
Gary StA '66 & Susan Gipson
Burki Gladstone
Alexander Glover '92
Grace Episcopal Church
Tim & Janet Graham
Ambassador and Mrs. Robert E. Gribbin
Mrs. Anne F. Griffin
Mr. D. Stuart Hale '97
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Hancock StA '63


Victor Hart StA '61 and Vickie Valentine
Eric and Lisa Hartman
Dr. and Mrs. J. Noland Harvey SMA '55
Mrs. Shirley M. Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Hatfield
Mr. William B. Hayley SMA '65
Mrs. Lelee Frank Hazard StA '77 and Mr. John Hazard
Mr. Mitchell L. Hazard, SAS 2013
Henderson Hutcherson McCullough PLLC
Mrs. Jennifer Bird Henley SMS '63 and Mr. C. Ray Henley
Mrs. Joyce Henley
Brother David Luke Henton, BSG SA '76
Mrs. Phebe C. Hethcock
Ted and Susan Hewitt
Franklin Hildebrand SMA '46
Mr. and Mrs. John Hille
Mr. Richard B. Hobby and The Rev. Kim M. Hobby
Mr. and Mrs. Zell Hoole
Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Howard, Jr.
Sarah McCrady Hubbard SMS '61
David StA '71 and Heidi Huff
Beth Humphrey
Ms. Barbara J. Hurst
The Henrietta Hardtner Hutchinson Fund
Mary Pope M. Hutson SA '79
James A. Isobe '01
Mrs. Judith A. Jackson
Mr. Pete Jackson
Robie Jackson
Torlisa Lashea Jeffrey '02
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Jenkins, Jr.
Jewish Community Federation
Carl A. Jones SA '77
Mr. and Mrs. John Jones
Larry and Leslie Jones
Nichole Hidalgo Jordan '04
A. Louis Jung III SMA '64
Mrs. Karen Keele
Mr. and Mrs. Darwin T. Keith-Lucas '92
The Rev. D. Dorothea Keith-Lucas '93 and Mr. Jake Montweiler
Mrs. Eleanor L. Kellermann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kellermann
Mark H. Kelly StA '73
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kenna StA '79
Cynthia Kershner SA '72 & Mark Manz
The Rev. and Mrs. George A. Kimball, Jr. SMA '56


Andy and Kathy Knapper SMA '70
Sandra and Matt Kreider
Holly Anderson Kruse '82
Mr. Bruce H. Lacombe SMA '70
Mr. J. Roy Lambert
Alli Lambert '90
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Layne
Albert G. Lewis III StA '72
Dr. Clifton and Anne Lewis StA '75
Sarah A. Lodge
Claudia Lorber
W. Garth Lovvorn, Jr. '92
Sarah Lowe '82
Mr. and Mrs. Parker R. Lowry StA '53
Mr. Robert K. Lundin, Jr. StA '74
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ed Magruder StA '79
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Malone
George Malone '01
Manchester Area Youth Council
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Margolin StA '58
Anne C. Marsh SA '78
Hayden and Gina Mattingly
Mrs. Virginia G. Maurer
The Rev. and Mrs. Robert A. McAllen SMA '51
Charles A. McCallum, Jr.
McCallum Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Tom McCawley and Ann Aitken
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. McDermott SMA '54
McGaha Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. McGee SMA '69
John McGowan StA '74
Mr. Walter E. McGowan StA '74 and Dr. Lowri M. McGowan
Mrs. Marjorie J. McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McLean
Martha Rhodes McLendon '93 & Charles A. McLendon, Jr.
Julian L. McPhillips, Jr. SMA '64
The Rev. W. William Melnyk and The Rev. Glenda Ruppe-Melnyk
The Rev. and Mrs. William D. Midgett
Casey and Sara Milford
Benjamin Miller '06
Jake Miller
Marin Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mills StA '73
Mr. Chris Mills StA '76 and The Rev. Alice Mills
Mr. William Mincey and Ms. Charlotte Worthy
Michael L. Minton '14


Laura Mitchell & George Krall
Jill and Pete Mollica
Mr. and Mrs. Newton F. Molloy III SMA '63
Christine Monahan
Dan Monahan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Money
Mrs. Shirley G. Moon
RT Moore SMA '71
Alec Moseley
Elizabeth Motlow & Emmitt Logsdon
Mountain Goat Market
Mountain Life Group, Inc.
Leslie W. Muir '91 and Amy Ray
M. Dianne Murphy
Marcus Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Myers SA '74
Ms. Marsh Nichols
Bill and Dr. Amy Nickels
Tenzing Chounzom
Lucas D. Northern '06
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Nottingham
Mrs. Elizabeth Nottingham
Oakpoint Charitable Foundation
Mr. Barney O'Keefe SMA '70
Michael and Joyce Ostrowski
Mr. and Mrs. J. Dudley Ottley
Teresa Outlaw StA '82 & Joseph Miller
Dr. Ted and Lyn Owen
Todd J. Palmertree
Papa Ron's
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Park StA '57
Charles Parsons
Dan Pate '96 and Laurel York
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Pate II
Allison Paterson
Pratt Paterson
Neil and Amy Patterson
The Rev. W. B. Patterson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Peebles III SMA '61
Derek Perkins
Kimberly Perkins
Louie M. & Betty M. Phillips Foundation
Mrs. Dorothy G. Poitevent
Kinion Pond
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey J. Post
David K. M. Prehn


Daniel Putman '89
Tracy J. Randolph
Mr. and Mrs. Newton C. Rayford
Real Estate Marketing
Mr. and Mrs. Brawley Reishman '91
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Reishman
Mr. and Mrs. T. Lindsay Reishman '94
John Relford
Edward M. Resovsky StA '61
Viva and Matt Reynolds
Wallace and Shelia Reynolds
Troy and Delanna Rhoton
Mrs. Leah S. Rhys
Ms. Faye Ricketts
Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Rieger III SMA '68
Lt. Col. (Retired) and Mrs. James Roland Rimer, Jr. StA '61
Megan and Haynes Roberts
The Hon. and Mrs. Dean Rucker StA '73
Rugeley Ferguson Foundation
Drs. William and Elizabeth Ruleman
SAGE Dining Services
Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Sanders
The Rt. Rev. and Mrs. William E. Sanders
Milton and Julie Schaefer
Eileen and Gerald Scheid
The Rev. and Mrs. Daniel K. Schieffler
Sierra Schneider '97
Mr. Paul Schutz, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. William Seavey
Sarah A. Sells
Tom and Cynthia Sering
Sewanee Tennis Association
Angela D. Shedd StA '78
Shenanigans Restaurant
Louise Shipps
Michael Short
Molly Short
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sierra
Heidi Hanger Simmonds SMS '61
W. Andrew Simmonds StA '61
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lucas Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass T. Simpson SMA '66
Eileen Sims
Karen and Mike Singer
Karl and Susan Sjolund
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Skidmore and Family


The Hon. and Mrs. C. McFerrin Smith III StA '63
Geoffrey M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Smith, Jr. SMA '48
Drs. Ken Smith and Deborah McGrath
Ms. Lynn H. Smith
Mrs. Margaret P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Farley M. Snow SMA '60
Terry L. Snyder '85
Beth Sperry SA '76 and Marc Fromm
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Spivey, Jr. SMA '53
St. Agnes' Mission
St. Philip Episcopal Church
Helen and Archie Stapleton StA '75
Aggie Wright Stephenson '01
Mr. and Mrs. W. Lane Stephenson III SMA '71
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Richard Stevens SMA '68
COL and Mrs. Kevin Stewart
Annriette and William Stolte
The Rev. and Mrs. Terry Street
Mr. Gary B. Strong, StA 1977
Michael D. Strong, M.D. StA '58
WC and CA Stubblebine
David L. Swank III SMA '64 and Nickoletta Farros
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Tate, Jr. SMA '70
Thomas Taylor SMA '64 and Susan Taylor
Kira Tharp '12
The Sewanee Inn
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar M. Thompson, Jr. SMA '43
Mr. Thomas M. Trabue, Jr.
Bess Turner
University Dental Associates
The University of the South
Mr. Raymond G. Val and Dr. Michelle S. Val
Linda Valentine
Myron and Carol Van de Ven
John Varela StA '53
Mrs. Marleen A. Varner
Mr. and Mrs. Myles E. Vollmer StA '71
The Rev. and Mrs. William S. Wade
Sheila Ward '87 and James Berner
Martha Warren StA '82
Anna S. Watkins StA '80
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Watts, Jr. SMA '54
Kenneth P. Weinberg '92
Arthur S. Welch SMA '48
Mr. John Wengraf and Ms. Adele Simons


Mrs. Sofia L. Wentz
Western Sizzlin'
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Westling
Mr. Doug Wheeler StA '52
Joe F. Wiggins III StA '58
Curtis Williams
Melissa Collins Williams SMS '69
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Williamson
Williams-Sonoma Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. T. Buffington Wilson, Jr. SMA '64
Mr. Jan E. Winter StA '50
Mr. and Mrs. C. Anthony Winters SMA '71
Mr. and Mrs. Roger N. Winton StA '71
Lindy Kew Womack '93 and John A. Womack
Ms. Judith Miree Wood SMA '69
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Woodham
Mr. and Mrs. John W. A. Woody, Jr. SMA '63
Mr. and Mrs. Noel Workman
Mr. M. C. Yarbrough, Jr. StA '56
Laura Lewis Youngpeter StA '79 and Michael A. Youngpeter
Dr. and Mrs. Reinhard K. Zachau
Molly Mackay Zacker '82 and David Zacker
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Zeitler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Zeitler
Mr. and Mrs. H. Terry Zimmerman SMA '61

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