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Inspiring Lifelong Learners

St. Andrew's-Sewanee School is committed to providing students with the fundamentals necessary for lifelong success. Students are taught to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and to meet academic challenges via multidisciplinary and hands-on teaching styles.
Ave. Class size: Middle School 12, Upper School 15
Student-Faculty ratio: 7:1.

Students gain a level of self-reliance that gives them the confidence to care for others and their environment. We prepare students for the demands of college and life through a rigorous academic program that focuses on critical thinking and advanced writing. Believing in the value of a core curriculum, our curriculum emphasizes English, history, mathematics, science, foreign language, and the arts. Classes are focused on active learning with teachers facilitating as students seek answers to complex questions. Our block scheduling means that classes are long enough for meaningful learning. In 90 minutes, students can trek into the woods to monitor pond life, perform a play or have a full debate.

You come to SAS thinking it is just another school but you instead come to find a piece of you in every element around you, whether it's an author telling a story you can relate to or a teacher who explains life as it happens to us all. SAS somehow taps into opening your eyes to the world and how much we all share common human elements. When you experience this connection, that's when you start calling Sewanee your home away from home. When you feel this comfortable with your surroundings, you are free to be you. That's when you find yourself. ~ Marjorie Ann Sanders Hatcher '91

Minimum requirements for graduation include four years of English, three years of mathematics, three years of history, two years of a single foreign language at the high school level, physical science, chemistry, biology, one year of the arts, Introduction to Religion, and Health and Fitness. Traditionally, students go well beyond fulfilling minimum requirements and partake in electives, including Environmental History, Political Action, Environmental Studies, Field Geology, a variety of visual and performing arts courses, advanced science courses, and a multitude of independent advanced-study opportunities.

Science at SAS is lab and field based allowing students to experience science rather than merely study its theories. In the arts, students have opportunities to take advanced courses in all disciplines. Art, music, and theater may be taken for academic credit.

The best way to learn about the SAS academic program is to experience it yourself. Contact our Admission Team today to schedule a visit.

Advanced Courses

SAS offers advanced courses in physics, chemistry, and biology as well as allowing juniors and seniors to choose from an array of English courses and history electives.

College Courses

Outstanding juniors and seniors are encouraged to take college courses for credit (and for free) at the University of the South, one of the country's top liberal arts colleges. SAS students learn to hold their own and excel in a college setting with college-aged classmates. Students learn to balance a college course workload and to communicate with college professors before getting to college. Twenty percent of the Class of 2017 graduated with college credit.

2019-2020 Course Offerings Catalogue

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