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Health and Fitness (Fall/Spring)

Health and Fitness students discuss health topics covered in Current Health magazine. Students write a paper analyzing their diet and set goals to help them improve their eating habits. FITNESSGRAM Tests are used to analyze each student’s physical fitness. The students set individual goals to help them improve their overall fitness level. Students are exposed to a wide variety of exercises, including yoga, weight training, and cross country running. The goal of this class is to empower students to take charge of their lifetime health and fitness.

Exercise Science: Research and Practice (Fall)

Exercise Science: Research and Practice provides students an opportunity to learn about foundational principles of exercise science and how to use these principles to implement quality exercise programs. Students learn how to set fitness and health goals, including performance based goals and nutritional goals. They are then guided through researching how to achieve these goals using online resources. Students learn to use multiple sources and how to evaluate the credibility of those sources before forming a plan. While researching the science behind why we do what we do, the class also spends time in the weightroom experiencing different exercises and workout programs. They use multiple modes of tracking and evaluating their progress, including written journals and software programs. By the end of the semester, the students should be inspired life-long learners and exercisers.
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