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Moving In FAQs

We have tried to collect the questions most often asked as move in day approaches. The answers are provided by our Dean of Students and her panel of experts, students just like you who were once facing those first days with curiosity and a little nervousness. If you have a question that isn't answered here, send it to us. No question is too small or too big and it will help us to expand the information here.

What will be in my room?

Rooms are furnished with beds, desks and chairs, mini-blinds, closets, and drawer/shelf space.

What should I bring?

Bring linens for a twin-sized bed, pillow, a thick mattress pad or pillow top, blankets, towels, hangers, a sleeping bag, a clothes hamper or laundry basket, wastebaskets, a loud alarm clock, shower shoes, a small basket to carry your toiletries, and at least one outfit that is in "formal dress" as defined in the Student Handbook.

What other things do students bring?

Students often bring desk lamps, foot lockers, bedspreads, throw rugs, posters, extension cords, a surge protector, coffee mug, small lockbox, shower caddy, flashlight, bike, bike lock, bike helmet, phone card, wipe-off or cork board for messages, plastic containers to store food, a personal first aid kit, and wet wipes. It is a good idea to put your name on your possessions.

What about electronic equipment?

Students choose to bring personal computers, small speakers, cell phones, and very small refrigerators. These items should be labeled or engraved with the student's name. Students are NOT allowed to bring televisions, VCRs, furniture, space heaters, air conditioners, or cooking appliances. (A microwave is provided in each House common room and a full kitchen is available for use in Owen Student Union on the weekends.)

Do I have to have my own computer?

We encourage boarders to bring the technology that will best meet their needs. A laptop computer and cell phone are usually sufficient. Laptop PCs running Windows 7 or higher, Chromebooks, or Macs running OSX will all work. Students may print documents in the Tech Lab and Agee Library. For mobile phone service, AT&T is the carrier with the strongest signal on the SAS campus.

Does it matter if I have a Mac or a PC?

Not at all. Laptop PCs running Windows 7 or higher, Chromebooks, or Macs running OSX will all work. All of our residential houses and campus buildings have WiFi, so if you have a laptop you will have your choice of workspaces.

What are my best bets for phone service?

AT&T is the carrier with the strongest signal on the SAS campus.

Do I need to bring my school supplies with me?

A supply list is available, but, if you would prefer not to have to bring a lot of luggage, the school store carries everything on the list. A supply run is always planned after the first week of school so that additional items can be purchased.

How big are the rooms?

The rooms vary from Colmore's palatial 23' x 12' room (the largest dorm room on campus) to the more intimate spaces of Harvey at 12' x 10'. The average is 12' x 13'. Despite the differences in sizes, each year returning students request a variety of houses because each house has its own advantages. (For instance, Harvey is closest to the Dining Hall so you can roll out of bed the latest.)

How much storage space is there?

There are closets and drawers in all of the rooms. Some students will buy bed risers so that they can increase the storage space under their bed without having to give up more floor space. There is not a lot of storage space available in house rooms, though, and it is easier to keep your room in order if you bring fewer possessions. If you will be returning home during the year, think about leaving seasonal clothing at home and switching out during the school year.

What do I need to hang things on my wall?

Students are required to use damage-free hanging systems such as Command Strips.

Do I need curtains?

The blinds in the room are usually sufficient for most students, but students are welcome to bring curtains. You may want to use tension rods so as not to damage the walls.

Where do I do my laundry?

We consider learning to do your own laundry to be part of "college prep" and our alumni agree. Laundry rooms are available in every residential house. The washer and dryer are free. Be sure to bring a laundry bag or basket to store your dirty clothes and get them to the laundry room.

Do I need to open a bank account in Sewanee?

Most boarding students have the school's Business Office hold money for them. Some students find it helpful to have a bank-issued debit card. There are several banks in the area, including Regions Bank, Tower Bank, Citizens Tri-County Bank, and Mountain Valley Bank.

Is there a safe place to keep my passport?

The school's registrar and student life offices keep a fire-proof safe for all travel documents and provide them to students as needed. Any additional items students wish to keep secure may be stored in a safe in our Business Office.

Where can I cook?

There is a microwave in each Commons Room and the Student Union has a fully equipped kitchen.

Do I get to pick my roommate?

Your first year the Dean of Students assigns you a roommate with help from the Admission Office. Returning students may request a roommate and a preference for residential house.

May I bring my dog (snake, cat, canary, etc.)?

No, students may not bring pets to campus. The good news is that the residential faculty is happy to share theirs with you.

What if I forget something?

There are many opportunities to purchase what you need after school has started. The vans can take you to the University's bookstore, CVS, or our local dollar stores. There are frequent weekend trips to shopping centers and malls. You can also purchase things online or have them mailed to you in care of the school.

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