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Jeanette Sendler

June 2011

Felt-making: Hills, Heather, Lochs, & Bogs

Course Description
Inspired by frequent visits to remote areas of Scotland over the past ten years, Jeanette Sendler will introduce the inspirations that fuel her work: Scotland’s beautiful landscape, films, music and poetry inspired by the landscape, and the indigenous materials of the area. Textures, forms, and colours of woodlands, moorlands, hills, and quarries provide the raw material which she has incorporated into rich, enchanting textile art works.
Our days at Shakerag will be divided into making fine-to-chunky felt textural pieces reflecting the colours and textures of Scotland. Employing an experimental approach, participants will learn a number of techniques whilst also learning more about the beauty and culture of Scotland. The process of exploring "place" as inspiration will serve participants well when they return home to a familiar place and when they venture to any new place as a visitor.
Participants will create a range of felted hangings and 3D pieces by the end of the week.
This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as refreshing for intermediate and experienced felt makers. For the adventurous!

Supply List

  • Natural fleeces, unwashed, straight from the sheep
  • A mixture of woollen fibres such as Merino, Corriedale, Norwegian. Finnish, Icelandic etc

In total you will need approx 1kg of fibre for the week, not including the raw fleece

  • Some natural, open weave fabrics such as muslin, cheesecloth, silk chiffon etc, approx half a metre of each
  • Some rope, knitting yarn, string
  • Smaller quantities (50g or so) of plant fibres such as flax, linen, jute, soya, viscose tencel, etc
  • Small quantities of silk fibres, natural or dyed (50g or so)

*1 water spray bottle, lid with holes
*gloves if sensitive to soap,
*needles, threads, pins
*large pieces of polyester net curtain (2X3 meters)
camera and sketchbook
bring some poetry or text inspired by your landscape (optional)
Felting towel
*Items with an asterisk are available for purchase at the Shakerag store.

Facility Requirement (note: check samples in notebook)

  • 1 table per student
  • Hot and cold water supply
  • Iron and ironing board
  • fine plastic dustsheet for trapping the felt whilst felting (2 pieces 2X1 meters or larger) (drycleaner bags might work – check sample in notebook)
  • bubble wrap (2 pieces 2X1 metres or larger)
  • plastic for template (sample provided) 1X1 metre (check sample in notebook)
  • Small plastic bowls, 1 per person
  • Washing machine and washing powder
  • Computer and data projector for showing DVDs and images

DVDs to be shown: ‘Seven minutes of explosion’, ‘Thelma’, ‘Land of Felt and Camels’

Artist's Biography

As a trained costume designer (MDes in Theatre Costume), Jeanette has been constructing garments for the stage for many years.
Over the past decade her interest in costume design has moved on to performance art, and many of her recent projects have featured large-scale installations rendered in knit/felt or paper.
Born in East Berlin, after her training as a tailor for women’s clothing Jeanette worked in the costume departments of various theatres, including the Comic Opera in Berlin, Scottish Opera, English National Opera and Opera Australia in Sydney.
Her considerable commitment to the worlds of fibre and performance art is evident in the number of groups she has been involved in founding. In the same year that she completed her Masters in Design at Edinburgh College of Art, she co-founded Metacorpus, a company that aims to increase the awareness and appreciation of costume art through performance art productions.
Recently Jeanette has undertaken various textile residencies, working with communities in remote locations such as Caithness and Shetland. Her latest residency took her to the Newburgh town of Fife, which she has now decided to make her permanent base. She continues to make theatrical hats and teach textile art, and is in the process of establishing a ground-breaking centre for Textile Excellence.

Artist's Website

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