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Student at Board

Our learning management system, CORE, provides a central location for students and families to access student information, course information, and homework, as well as a place to communicate with teachers and classmates and submit assignments.

Parent Guide to CORE

First page of the PDF file: ParentsGuidetoCORE20201

Get information on your child's assignments or your financial accounts.

CORE is a password-protected portal to student assignments, and account information.
To log on to CORE for the first time:

  1. Browse to CORE.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click on "First Time Logging In". Follow the instructions provided.

You must use the email address that we have on file for you. Contact Shawna Midgett if you have questions or need to change or verify your email address on file.

Accessing Grades and Assessments

Upper School Classes

(access from September 12-16)

  1. Log into CORE under the Parent persona
  2. Click on the name/picture of your child at the top left
  3. Click the "Progress" Tab
  4. Scroll down to the "Courses" and click on "Grade Detail" to the right of each course
Middle School Classes

(access beginning September 14)

  1. Log into CORE with the Parent persona
  2. Click on the name/picture of your child at the top left
  3. Click on the "Progress" Tab
  4. Click on “Performance” and then “Report Cards” and then “MS Q1 Progress Report"

Almost like being here...


Our weekly newsletter will be emailed to you every Wednesday. Not receiving SASAFACTS? Contact the Office of Communication & Marketing.


In addition to news stories on our website, follow the SAS Facebook page for slices of daily life at SAS. 


St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School uses Boardingware, a management tool for communication among parents/guardians, boarders, upper school day students, SAS administrators and house parents, and host families. Based around a web-based and iOS app, Boardingware allows us to keep track of the status of each student whether “in house”, around the campus, or off site. Up-to-date details of a student’s whereabouts can be put into the app by SAS faculty members to provide information directly to the house parents who are on duty.

Boarders and day students will also use to app to request weekend leave and sign up for weekend activities and trips.

Using Boardingware, parents/guardians can:

  • Request leave for your child,

  • Provide permission for some off-campus trips, and/or

  • Be aware of your child’s off-site or weekend activities.

For more information on how SAS's uses the system, contact Dean of Students Geoffrey Smith.  For technical help, use Boardingware’s Help Center or contact Boardingware at Parent support information is available in English and Chinese.

Have a question, comment, or suggestion?

Check out our Parents' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If it's about your child's experience, it is best to start with your child's advisor.

For guidance on where to go with other questions or suggestions, contact Director of Communications Sherri Bergman.

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MBS Direct is the official bookstore for SAS. Click the link above to see a student's schedule and book needs. Students in grades 10-12 may need to purchase additional books at mid-year.

Student with Camera

Have photos you'd like to contribute to SmugMug? You may upload your photos to this unpublished folder to be considered for public display on the site. (Please include your name in the photo name if you would like photo credit.)


During the academic day, please sign in at the front desk in Bishop Bratton or Langford Hall to get a name tag. At other times, please call the AOC (931.636.4720) when you arrive.


Main Number 931.598.5651*
Weekend/Union 931.598.5653*
Administrator-on-Call 931.636.4720

*Links to dial-by-name option and emergency contact

For general new and returning student concerns, student activities, and travel, contact:
Geoffrey Smith
Dean of Students 

Shawna Midgett
Asst. to the Academic Dean

Kelley Black
Associate Head of School/Academic Dean

Rachel Malde
Middle School Coordinator 

Derek Perkins
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Rob Zeitler
Director of Athletics

Dan Monahan
COVID Coordinator

Melissa Gilliam
Director of the Health Clinic

Molly Short

Sherri Bergman
Director of Communications & Marketing