Preparing for School Year 2021-2022

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Opening of School 2021-2022 Schedule

JUL 26 Practice Begins for Day Students in Middle School Soccer, Varsity Volleyball, and Varsity Girls' Soccer
AUG 1 Varsity Cross Country, Golf, Mountain Biking, Girls' Soccer, and Volleyball Preseason Residential Camp Begins
AUG 7 Unvaccinated Internationally Traveling Boarders Arrive for Quarantine
AUG 9 Unvaccinated Domestic Traveling Boarders Arrive for Quarantine
AUG 9 Middle School Mountain Biking Preseason Practice Begins
AUG 12 Proctor Training
AUG 13 All Vaccinated Boarding Students Move In
AUG 14 Orientation for All Students
AUG 16 Classes Begin

* All medical forms, including proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test and the baseline concussion test must be completed, before an athlete can practice. Preseason practice schedules may be affected by COVID-19 precautions.

Summer Reading Requirements

In preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, your child is encouraged to read throughout the summer. All students are expected to read at least two books: one grade level book and one book selected from our SAS Book Club list. The theme for this summer’s SAS Book Club is “Joy” (from the SAS pillars of Challenge, Balance, Joy). Students may select a title of their choice from that list. We’ve set aside a special lunch early in the school year for our Book Club discussions. The grade level book will be discussed and assessed in the first few weeks of school in humanities courses. For more information about summer reading, including the Book Club list, please see our Summer Reading page.

Do Something Joyful!

In addition to reading, we also want students to engage intentionally in a joyful activity this summer. Perhaps they want to dive into a long-standing passion, or maybe they want to learn something new. Whether they decide to create, do, make, learn, or experience, it should bring them joy. We encourage students to let us know what they are up to over the summer, and we will share our joyful endeavors in advisory at the beginning of school. For more details and a list of ideas, please see our Summer Reading page.

Academic Preparation

Skills Review

Some students may benefit from practicing their math skills during the summer, and several good options exist for doing so. The Summer Skills workbooks, designed to help students maintain their math skills over the summer, offer short lessons by subject area. Khan Academy is a free, online option that offers video tutorials, practice problems, and progress tracking. Finally, SAS math teachers, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Mazur, are offering in-person math camps this summer in algebra skills review and middle school math prep. For more information and to register, please see our SAS Summer page.

Acceleration or Credit Recovery

If your child is seeking acceleration, One Schoolhouse (OSH) provides full year credits in their summer online courses. Students should expect to spend about 20 hours per week working on an OSH course. In order to be eligible to take a course, students must have an A average in the discipline in which they are seeking to accelerate and have a recommendation from their most recent teacher in that discipline, as well as final approval from me.

If your child failed a course and is seeking credit recovery, Laurel Springs Academy offers a variety of semester or full-year credit courses this summer. Please reach out to me to discuss options for your child.

2021-2022 Courses

In late April, returning students were guided through the course and afternoon program request process for their grade level. In the Upper School, final course determination is dependent upon individual student schedule needs and class size limits. Student schedules will be made available in mid to late July. 

Move-In, Orientation, and Opening Activities Schedules

Opening activities are for students and parents. Other family members are also welcome to attend.

Upper School Boarding Schedule
Middle School Schedule
Upper School Day Schedule

2021-2022 Daily Schedule


Daily Schedule

This year’s daily schedule represents changes based on feedback from students, faculty, and parents. Highlights of the new schedule include increased work period time, a staggered lunch schedule, continued late start, and robust community time.

Meet our New Faculty and Staff

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