Year-End Festivities

Do we need reservations/tickets?

Seating under the tent is first come - first serve for all programs.  The only event where a reservation is needed is Saturday's casual dinner buffet after the Major Awards and Presentation of Annies.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Members of the Class of 2022 and two guests are complimentary.  Dinner cost for all other attendees is $10 per person. Please use this Reservation Link.   The dinner buffet is optional and many families choose to have a celebratory dinner at local restaurants.

Need a place to stay?

The most desirable area accommodations fill up fast. Our visitors' guide offers a list of hotels in the area. We recommend making your reservations early.


Contact Director of Auxiliary Programs and Special Events Lizzie Duncan.

Off-Campus Graduation Parties 
Please be aware that the school does not sponsor any event following Commencement and is not holding any off campus events on Saturday evening. School officially ends with the conclusion of Commencement on Sunday when the residential houses close, and all students depart for the summer.

It was an amazing weekend! I could go on for days about how much I appreciated so many touches. The ceremonies, music, student speeches, advisors' presentations, flowers, services, and on and on. I cried and laughed and felt a deep gratitude for the awesome village of SAS that rallied to help we humble parents in guiding all those beautiful souls on their journey called high school. Thank you!!

Taylor Mead Albright

Information for Underclassmen

Underclassmen who choose to attend the Senior Honors and Annies and the Commencement Service and Exercises are expected to be in formal dress (as defined by the Student Handbook) for these events.

General Information

Student Dress: Student attire for Saturday and Sunday events is formal dress as defined in the Handbook. Students may choose one of the following formal dress traditions: 1) Dress or skirt/dress pants with blouse and dress shoes, or 2) Coat and tie, dress shirt, dress pants, belt, socks, and dress shoes.

Reserving Seats for Events: All guest seating under the tent is on a first come - first serve basis. If special needs seating (e.g. wheelchair) is needed, please contact Lizzie Duncan.

Saturday Dinner Reservations:
The optional casual buffet after the Annies is the only event you will need a reservation.  Seniors and two guests are complimentary and each additional guest is $10.  Please complete the reservation form if you plan on dining.  Thank you!
Saturday Dinner Reservations

For guests with special accessibility needs: All parking will be at the gym parking lot. We will have transportation to the Outdoor Altar area for those who need it. For more information, contact Lizzie Duncan.

Capturing the Moment

Photographs: A school photographer will take photos throughout the weekend. These photos will be posted to the school's online photo library where the photos can be accessed and downloaded or purchased. 

News Releases: A news release about your child's graduation will be sent to your hometown newspaper. If you would like it sent to other papers, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

For Boarding Students & Parents: All senior boarders must sleep in their own beds on Friday and Saturday nights, even if their parents are in town. Boarders in grades 7-11 may leave campus following our Friday afternoon events. School rules apply until each student leaves the campus on Sunday. No students will be allowed to spend Sunday night on campus. Students should remove all belongings from the dormitories by 3 p.m. on Sunday when the residential houses will be closed and locked.

We encourage students to begin packing and cleaning early. To ensure that you will not be charged a cleaning fee, rooms must be left clean and undamaged. A limited amount of storage is available for use during summer vacation. You may coordinate this with your child's house parent. The school cannot assume responsibility for stored goods.