Dress Code

Students in dress code


The SAS dress code emphasizes neatness, cleanliness, and purpose, while still allowing a wide range of clothing choices. Different occasions, whether work, school, worship, athletics, or play, have varying expectations. Clothing choices should convey a sense of intentionality and respect. Because SAS students spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, we encourage students to dress appropriately for the weather and for outdoor activities. Clothing choices may signify the importance of some occasions, such as Chapel services, or satisfy the specific needs of other occasions, such as athletic practices.

CLASS DRESS is worn everywhere on campus on school days, 8:45 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Class dress is required in PEAK Programs or as specified by the leader or coach. Students should prepare for the possibility of outdoor activities and active learning. For more information, see the section on “General Guidelines.”

FORMAL DRESS is worn for special chapel services, formal occasions, academic and athletic celebrations, and other events as prescribed by the Head of School.

Formal Dress will be required on these occasions and any occasion announced by the Head of School, Dean of Students, or Chaplain:

  • Signing of the Honor Code - August 24
  • All Saints' Eucharist - November 1
  • Christmas Pageant and Eucharist - December 20 (after exams)
  • Ash Wednesday - February 14
  • Good Friday - March 29
  • Easter Eucharist - April 3

Students may choose one of the following traditions for Formal Dress:

  • Choice 1: Dress or skirt/dress pants with blouse and dress shoes
  • Choice 2: Coat and tie, dress shirt, dress pants, belt, socks, and dress shoes

ATHLETIC PRACTICE DRESS: For athletic practices in the PEAK curriculum, individual coaches set the dress expectations, which often include a gray practice shirt (available in the School Store) and other requirements.

DRESS CODE ENFORCEMENT: Boarding students who are not compliant with the Dress Code may be required to change immediately. Day students who are not compliant with the Dress Code may be asked to call their parents/guardians to request that they bring them appropriate clothing. Offenses will be handled in the following manner:

  • 1st offense: A warning by email to the student, advisor, and parent/guardian.
  • 2nd offense: A second warning by email to the student, advisor, and parent/guardian.
  • 3rd offense: The student will wear Required Dress for one school day.
  • 4th offense: The student will wear Required Dress for five consecutive school days.
  • For any offense after the fourth, the student will wear Required Dress for four weeks. Students who are not compliant with Required Dress may be asked to appear before the Conduct Council.

REQUIRED DRESS: Required Dress includes khaki/black/navy pants with belt loops and belt, SAS polo shirt (tucked in), SAS sweatshirt if needed (these are available in the School Store), and closed-toed shoes. 

SPIRIT OF THE DRESS CODE: Because rules cannot be written to describe all clothing styles and options, the school will determine if any questionable article of clothing should not be worn. Students not living within the spirit of the Dress Code will be given a very specific set of guidelines to be determined at that time. Questions about clothing choices and requirements may be referred to the Dean of Students.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Please note, the final seven guidelines (marked with an asterisk) below are to be followed at all times on campus. All other guidelines are only expected during the academic day (8:45 am - 3:15 pm).

  • All clothing must be clean, properly hemmed, and unfrayed, and it must fit properly. Skin-tight clothing is not permitted.
  • No athletic wear: athletic pants, athletic shorts, athletic tights, and sweatpants are not to be worn. The only exception is when student athletes are given permission by their coach to wear their team uniform or other SAS athletic wear on game days.
  • Leggings can only be worn with dresses, blouses, or tunics, and the student’s entire backside must be covered.
  • No camouflage clothing.
  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no shorter than the tip of the middle finger when the arms are at rest.
  • Shoulder straps must be at least two fingers wide.
  • Brands, logos, images, and words must be smaller than the hand, with the exception of shirts, sweatshirts, and outerwear with St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School design/approved graphics or college logos. College t-shirts/sweatshirts with more than just the logo cannot be worn.
  • Hats and other head coverings (except those for religious reasons) are not permitted indoors.
  • Visible piercings are limited to the ears and/or a single, small stud or small loop in the nostril. Septum piercings and lip piercings are not to be worn.
  • Faces must be clean shaven.
  • Pajamas are not to be worn during the school day or to meals.*
  • Distracting hairstyles and unnatural hair colors are not permitted.*
  • Tops must cover the abdomen, back, and chest at all times and may not be revealing in any way.*
  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn but not visible.*
  • Clothing and accessories must not display vulgarity, firearms, weapons, sexual content, or cultural or racial insensitivity, or promote the use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.*
  • See-through clothing is not permitted.*
  • Gauges and visible tattoos are not permitted.*

SAS 2020-2021 Dress Code video presented by our Proctors ’20