Dress Code

Formal Dress 2019

At SAS the Dress Code reflects the way we learn. Sitting on the floor, wading in ponds, acting, hiking, and throwing clay are tough to do in a coat and tie. The SAS Dress Code requires students to be properly covered, neat, and clean. Jeans (if they are unpatched and hemmed) and tennis shoes, shorts, and sandals are all fine. SAS students enjoy the relaxed feel of the Dress Code, and that spirit carries over into classes and throughout the campus.

School Dress

Check it out! Everyone in this picture is in dress code perfect for School Dress. Even better, they are dressed in a way that expresses their individuality and still makes it possible for them to participate in outdoor activities.

School Dress 2019

Chapel Dress

On Wednesdays* and special days, we're going to ask you to dress up a little. Students may choose either of the following formal dress traditions:

  • Dress or skirt/dress pants with blouse and appropriate, practical shoes 
  • Coat and/or tie, dress shirt, dress pants, belt, socks, and appropriate, practical shoes

*Because of their Wednesday classes, Middle School students are encouraged, but not required, to be in Chapel dress. See? It's all about being dressed appropriately for your activities that day.

Formal Dress 2019

Grub Days, Spirit Week, Casual Dress

And sometimes, we'll even encourage you to dress down. Restrictions under School Dress that are marked with an asterisk (*) are still enforced on Grub Days/Casual Dress Days.

Spirit Week 2018