Food, Glorious Food

For the coming year, 2022-2023, we have selected FLIK Independent School Dining to be the food service provider for our school community. In the coming months, FLIK will be providing more information about their company, food and nutrition philosophy, food sourcing, food allergies and special dietary needs, plans for service, and more, including Hugs from Home, opportunities for parents to send care packages and themes gift boxes throughout the year. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared on campus and served at historic Robinson Dining Hall. 

Each week's menus are posted on this page.

NOTE: Menu may change due to product availability.

LUNCH MON 16   TUE 17   WED 18   THU 19   FRI 20   SAT 21   SUN 22  
Vegetarian Entree Tofu Pasta   Red Hot Chickpeas   Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich   Fried Tofu   Black Bean Patty   Scrambled/Boiled Eggs   Senior Breakfast  
Vegetarian Side Local Kale & Red Peppers   Shoepeg Corn Medley   Local Swiss Chard with Squash   Sichuan Green Beans   Creamed Spinach   Chef's Choice   Baked Brie  
Vegetarian Side Roasted Brussels Sprouts   Buttered Noodles   Basmati Rice   Local Braised Baby Bok Choy   Quinoa Salad          
Main Entree B.B.Q. Chicken   Chicken Enchilada or Beef Burrito   Brats on a Pretzel Bun   Sweet & Sour Chicken   Roasted Turkey Breast   French Toast   Omelet Station  
Side/ Starch Mashed Sweet Potatoes   Spicy Rice   Sweet Potato Fries   Steamed Rice   Garlic Roasted Potatoes   Bacon   Sausage  
Veg (gf, df) Collared Greens   Peas & Carrots   Cabbage   Edamame   Vegetable Medley   Local Vegetables   HashBrowns  
Side -Veg Black-eyed Peas   Refried Beans   Corn   Vegetable EggRoll   Roasted Squash          
Comfort Station Chicken Tenders   Pasta of the Day   Cheese Pizza   All Beef Hot Dogs   Hamburgers   Chef's Choice   Chef's Choice  
Side Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich   Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwich   Turkey and Cheese Sandwich   Grilled Cheese Sandwich   Ham and Cheese Sandwich          
Vegetarian Entree Jerk Spiced Tofu   Farro Salad   Falafel   Fried Pickles   Spicy Black Bean Salad   Spicy Rice Noodles      
Entree Baked Salmon Filet   Make your own Nachos   Jambalaya   Pizza   Fried Chicken Sandwich   Herbed Roasted Chicken Breast      
Starch Toasted Coconut Rice   Mac & Cheese   Baked Sweet Potato   Baked Potatoes   Curly Fries   Twice Baked Potato      
Side Baby Carrots   Steamed Cauliflower   Grilled Tomatoes   Broccoli   Corn Nuggets   Steamed Broccoli      
Steamed Veg (gf, df) Roasted Root Vegetables   Curry roasted Squash   Butternut Squash   Fried Green Beans       Roasted Local Vegetables