Student Activities


Each year St. Andrew's-Sewanee students take the initiative to continue and create a variety of activities and organizations.

Enjoy writing? Perhaps you would be interested in the school literary magazine. Interested in creating a podcast? Get a slot on the school's radio station. Plan to save the environment? You can start right here on campus by joining ECOSAS in their efforts to minimize the school's food and energy waste. Religious fellowship? Politics? There is usually someone willing to join your efforts. Even if your interests find you all alone at times (accordion hip-hop? ice sculpting?), you can lobby for a club or afternoon program to fit your needs.

Below is a sampling of recent student organizations. You can count on this list being out of date because in the time it has taken to write this, a student has come up with another great idea and has organized some friends around it.

A Small Sampling of Things to Do

  • See a Major League Soccer game in Nashville
  • Take a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia
  • Explore a nearby cave
  • Enjoy cookies and games at Owen Student Union
  • Go swimming in the Res (our campus lake)
  • Enjoy a bonfire and s'mores
  • Go snow tubing in North Carolina
  • Attend a school dance
  • Compete in a Fortnite tournament
  • See a Shakespeare production in Sewanee
  • Go shopping in Atlanta
  • Learn to cook international cuisine
  • Run a half marathon on the Mountain Goat Trail
  • Walk the Mountain Goat Trail for ice cream downtown
  • Take a class with an artist-in-residence
  • Sell your art work at the annual Holiday Studio Tour
  • Plan an overnight lock-in with your grade
  • Travel to a nearby senior center to share games and music
  • Help distribute groceries at our local food ministry
  • Enjoy a dance concert at the University of the South

Ten Things To Do Before You Graduate

Recent Student Organizations

*Active in 2022-2023
  • Archery Club
  • Art Club
  • Airsoft Club
  • Anime Club*
  • Asian Student Union*
  • Bake and Book Club*
  • Black Student Union*
  • Middle and Upper School Book Clubs*
  • Boy Scout Troop 14*
  • Breakfast (Health) Club
  • Chess Club* 
  • Chinese Culture Club
  • Climbing Club*
  • Conduct Council*
  • Cum Laude Society*
  • Debate Club*
  • Documentary Film Club*
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club *
  • ECO-SAS*
  • Ethics Bowl Team*
  • Fishing Club 
  • Fitness and Wellness Club*
  • Gender & Sexualities Awareness*
  • Global & Local Outreach
  • Great Discussions
  • History Club*
  • Honor Council*
  • Interact Club*
  • International Student Mentors
  • Magic: The Gathering Club
  • Martial Arts
  • Math Club
  • The Mountain (radio station)
  • Mountain Mirror (literary magazine)*
  • NASA Projects*
  • Operation Smile*
  • Outreach & Community Service*
  • The Phoenix (yearbook)*
  • Public Speaking Club
  • Proctors*
  • SAS Ambassadors*
  • Skateboarding Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Vestry*
  • Student Athlete Leadership Team*
  • Tea Club*


A variety of activities are planned throughout the year including dances, sporting events, and movies; trips to museums, malls, and restaurants in Nashville and Chattanooga; and caving, canoeing and camping trips. Mountain biking and hiking are popular on school trails and on the hundreds of miles of nearby trails. Some activities are just for Upper School students and boarders, some are for Middle School students, and some are for everyone.

Transportation is provided into Sewanee, where students may shop and attend movies, performances, and lectures. All Upper School students may participate in the weekend activities although boarding students are given first access to activities with limited spaces.