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COVID-19 Info

View our COVID-19 Protocols.


All visitors to campus must sign in with an SAS Employee. Face coverings must be worn in ALL buildings. Masks are available on request.

Prevention Information

Daily Schedule

This year’s daily schedule represents changes based on feedback from students, faculty, and parents. Highlights of the new schedule include increased work period time, a staggered lunch schedule, continued late start, and robust community time.

Access Your Gmail

Logging in for the first time? Here's how.

Your Information System: CORE

CORE is a password-protected portal to student assignments, and account information. CORE provides a central location for students and families to access student information, course information, and homework, as well as a place to communicate with teachers and classmates and submit assignments.


To log on to CORE for the first time:

  1. Browse to CORE.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click on "First Time Logging In". Follow the instructions provided.

You must use the email address that we have on file for you. Contact Jana Barnett if you have questions or need to change or verify your email address on file.

Creating PDFs for CORE

CORE allows teachers to annotate PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, but first you need to upload your work as a PDF file.

Here's how:

Have a file on a device (an image such as .jpg or Google Docs file)?

Use the PRINT button to save your work as a .pdf.  This is particularly useful for students who have Chromebooks and no cell phone.

Have an iPhone? 

You can use a SCANNER app OR the built-in NOTES app and the phones' camera.

Have an Android phone?

Use the GOOGLE DRIVE app and the phone's camera to scan images.


(formerly Boardingware)

Getting started (You will need your SAS email to access this.)
Additional help

St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School uses Orah, a management tool for communication among parents/guardians, boarders, upper school day students, and SAS staff. Based around a web-based and iOS app, Orah allows us to keep track of where you are so that we can provide you with as much freedom as possible while also keeping you safe. With Orah you can:

  • Request weekend leave
  • Sign up for weekend activities and trips
  • Request a pass to be out of bounds

For more information on how SAS uses the system, contact Dean of Students Geoffrey Smith.  For technical help, use Orah’s Help Center


MBS Direct is the official bookstore for SAS. Click the link above to see a student's schedule and book needs. Students in grades 10-12 may need to purchase additional books at mid-year.

Student with Camera

Have photos you'd like to contribute to SmugMug? You may upload your photos to this unpublished folder to be considered for public display on the site. (Please include your name in the photo name if you would like photo credit.)

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