Community Standards

In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, students are expected to maintain certain standards of decorum.

  • Students are expected to behave appropriately in any public displays of affection for others, considering the uncomfortable nature of such displays and the message they send to observers, particularly younger peers and visitors on campus. Any public display of affection exceeding hand holding is inappropriate for our community. These beliefs are consistent with our Community Standards.
  • Running and roughhousing should be kept outside of all school buildings. 
  • If a teacher finds it necessary to send a student out of the classroom, that student must report to the Bishop Bratton Hall Office area and remain there until dismissed by an administrator. A letter or email concerning the offense may be sent home.
  • Music-playing devices and head/earphones/earbuds (including wireless versions) may not be used in any academic building (Simmonds, Wade, and McCrory Halls) or the Chapel from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., nor in the Robinson Dining Hall during meals. 

Dining Hall Behavior

Students must behave in a civil manner in the dining hall. After eating, students should always take their dishes and silverware to the dish window and make sure their table is clear of trash and food. Dishes, glasses, cups, bowls, and silverware may not be taken out of the dining hall. Cell phones/mobile devices should not be visible and/or in use unless being used for check-outs.


All students will be assigned lockers in the academic building. Students involved in athletics may also be assigned lockers in the gymnasium. Lockers are provided with combination locks which students are encouraged to use at all times. Permanent stickers should not be placed on the outside or inside of lockers. It is unacceptable to write messages anywhere directly on lockers, even though the markers used may be erasable. Students should not leave their lockers unlocked by jamming the locks. All lockers should be cleaned out no later than the last exam day at the end of the school year.

Lost and Found

Lost items such as books, notebooks, backpacks, and clothing will be kept in “Lost and Found” in the Bishop Bratton Hall office area. We encourage students who have lost anything to check “Lost and Found” often. At the end of every quarter, we donate unclaimed items to charity. Please be sure all personal items (musical instruments, laptops, calculators, coats, etc.) are labeled.

Telephone Guidelines

Our telephone system is (VOIP) Voice over Internet Protocol. Inexpensive analog phones will not work anywhere on campus. Cell phones are the best way for students and parents/guardians to communicate, but it will still be possible to use a personal computer with a VOIP phone attachment or Skype software to call from a residential house room. A phone is available in each residential common room. In order to make long distance calls the student will need a long distance phone card. See Cell Phone policy.


Main Number 931.598.5651*
Weekend/Union 931.598.5653*
Administrator-on-Call 931.636.4720

*Links to dial-by-name option and emergency contact

For general new and returning student concerns, student activities, and travel, contact:
Geoffrey Smith
Dean of Students 

Shawna Midgett
Asst. to the Academic Dean

Kelley Black
Associate Head of School/Academic Dean

Rachel Malde
Middle School Coordinator 

Derek Perkins
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Rob Zeitler
Director of Athletics

Dan Monahan
COVID Coordinator

Melissa Gilliam
Director of the Health Clinic

Molly Short

Sherri Bergman
Director of Communications & Marketing