Health and Wellness

Bed Rest Rules

The nurse will evaluate the student to determine if bed rest will be for a half-day or all day. Bed rest will be in the Health Center.

Monday-Friday: Often the nurse will send students to lunch and to afternoon classes if their symptoms show improvement. If these instructions are not followed, students will not be excused from afternoon classes.

Afternoons: Students on all day bed rest will be excused from Afternoon Programs and will be required to rest in the Health Center until 3:30 pm. Students with illnesses after school will follow the same rules as those who have been ill all day. Students may not be on porches, in the Quad, or at events.

Weekends: All day bed rest on Friday may result in weekend or 24-hour bed rest as determined by the nurse. The nurse will communicate weekend bed rest to the AOC on Friday so the information may be passed on to those in charge during the weekend. When an illness continues into the weekend, students may be required to remain in their room to recuperate. Any planned activities must be postponed. Approved activities include studying and watching TV while resting all weekend. The goal of bed rest is to safeguard not only the person who is sick, but also to protect the health of other students. The nurse will help students to know when it is acceptable to be in the company of others. If students are not well enough to go to the dining hall, they should contact the TIC for assistance. They should avoid close contact with other students to prevent the spread of illness. The TICs and/or the AOC are notified of any sick students who will require their care. These students should not hesitate to contact the TIC and/or the AOC anytime if the illness gets worse so the nurse or doctor can be contacted.

Prescription Medication

Boarding students will report the use of any prescription drug to the school nurse. Parents/guardians are asked to inform the nurse about prescription drugs brought to the campus from home. Certain prescribed drugs (such as Ritalin, antidepressants, or others containing narcotics) must be kept in the Health Clinic. Any prescriptions that have been sent home, given at night, given on the weekend, that are not taken, must be returned to the Health Clinic within one week of distribution. Any such drugs, when mailed to the school, must be mailed directly to the Health Clinic. The school nurse will assess the medication needs of students, and in situations where the medication protocol is complex students may be referred to a medical professional in order to monitor that medication. In those situations, it will be important that the schoolʼs physician and the individual student’s physician at home are in collaboration regarding medication protocol for the student.

Students who take daily prescribed medications need to report to the Health Clinic NO LATER THAN 9 A.M. for morning medications. Picking up medication should not cause a student to be late to another obligation such as class, chapel, or advisory meetings.

Sexual Conduct

SAS recognizes that romantic relationships are a normal and healthy part of adolescent development. We also recognize our responsibility to ensure the well-being of students who range in age, maturity, sexual orientation, and cultural background. We believe that most teenagers are not equipped to handle the responsibilities and potential consequences of sexual intimacy. For this reason, at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School sexual abstinence is expected. We encourage students to seek the counsel and guidance of their parents, our health clinic staff, our chaplains, and/or trusted adults to discuss their personal values, decision-making, community concerns, and emotional and physical well-being regarding sexual conduct. Consistent with our Honor Code, students are expected to “promote and support the health and safety of every member of this community.” Students are never permitted to engage in activity or behaviors that violate their own or another person’s safety or dignity. Students engaging in behavior that is not in keeping with our community values of safety, respect, and personal responsibility will be reported to the Dean of Students and the students’ parents/guardians and may be subject to disciplinary consequences. 

Students are expected to behave appropriately in any public displays of affection for others, considering the uncomfortable nature of such displays and the message they send to observers, particularly younger peers and visitors on campus. Any public display of affection exceeding hand-holding is inappropriate for our community. These beliefs are consistent with our Community Standards.

Sick Call

Students who are sick should report to the nurse in the Health Center no later than 8:30 a.m. before classes begin. The nurse will then determine what course of action is best. In some cases the student will be referred for examination by a medical professional. When this occurs the family will be billed for this service by the physicianʼs office. When appropriate, the nurse or doctor will assign students to "bed rest" (normally in the Health Center). Students on bed rest must follow the nurseʼs orders so they can recover as quickly as possible. Those who miss class or who are late to a commitment without following these procedures will be held accountable.

Skateboard Regulations

All SAS students and faculty/staff are required to wear a helmet while skateboarding on campus. This policy applies to all longboards, scooters, penny boards, etc. We strongly encourage students to label their skateboard and helmet with their first and last name.

Parents do not have the option to override this policy.  A student who violates this rule will have the skateboard they are riding confiscated and will not be allowed to ride a skateboard on campus for the following duration:

1st offense: 3 days 

2nd offense: 1 week

3rd offense: 3 weeks

4th offense: The privilege to skateboard on campus is lost for the remainder of the semester

Substance Abuse

St. Andrewʼs-Sewanee is acutely aware of the serious danger posed by the use of alcohol and other drugs among teenagers, and seeks to be a place of healing for students struggling with issues involving substance abuse. The school will work with students on a case-by-case basis to coordinate appropriate medical, mental health, and pastoral care. Costs arising from this care will be charged to the parents/guardians of participating students. 

Tobacco Use

Tobacco use in any form is prohibited at St. Andrewʼs-Sewanee School regardless of a student’s age. In keeping with this policy and the acceptance of the school’s Honor Code, all students agree not to use tobacco or electronic cigarettes whether on campus, on school-sponsored trips, or during check outs in the surrounding area. 

Violations of the tobacco policy include being caught using a tobacco product or electronic cigarette, being in possession of a tobacco product or electronic cigarette (including a spit can, a lighter, etc.), and smelling strongly of tobacco. The following steps will be taken when a student violates the tobacco rules. Restrictions, possible suspensions, and loss of privileges will not begin until after the student has met with the school nurse and their advisor.

Student Accident Insurance

added March 2020

SAS purchases student accident insurance coverage annually. This may cover some medical expenses not covered by a family's primary insurance for accidents or injuries sustained while a student is under the care and direction of SAS. For additional information and to begin the claims process, please contact the Business Office.


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