Honor Code

Honor is vitally important to St.Andrew’s-Sewanee School. We encourage honorable behavior and embrace an Honor Code, which states that lying, cheating, and stealing will not be tolerated. Cheating, broadly defined, is the intentional act of copying work from another source and submitting it as one’s own; it includes not only copying from another student but also copying work from another source, including Internet sources. At the beginning of the school year, each student and faculty member signs the Honor Pledge.

The St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Honor Pledge

LEADER: Will you pledge to promote and support the health and safety of every member of this community, including yourself?

PEOPLE: I will, with Godʼs help.

LEADER:  Will you pledge to comply with the policies and procedures of this school as set forth in the Student Handbook?

PEOPLE: I will, with Godʼs help.

LEADER: Will you pledge to be diligent in your studies?

PEOPLE: I will, with Godʼs help.

LEADER: As a member of the St. Andrewʼs-Sewanee community, will you pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal and to be honest in all that you do?

PEOPLE: I will, with Godʼs help.

LEADER: Will you pledge your desire to face with courage, honesty, and integrity those times when you fall short of the standards of this community and to seek those forms of help and assistance as may be most appropriate for your continued growth and development?

PEOPLE: I will, with Godʼs help.

HEAD OF SCHOOLʼS DECLARATION: I now pronounce you to be a full member of the St. Andrewʼs-Sewanee community.

THE CONCLUDING COLLECT: O gracious and everliving God, look mercifully upon this community which is now being formed. Assist the members of the school  family with your grace, that with fidelity and honor they may keep the promises and vows which they have made. Grant them wisdom in the ordering of their life together that each may be to the other a source of strength and encouragement. And when they shall hurt each other, may they recognize their fault and seek each otherʼs forgiveness and yours. Transform them by your grace so that your will may be done on earth as it is in heaven; where, O Father, with your Son and the Holy Spirit, you live and reign in perfect unity, now and forever. Amen.

The St. Andrew’s-Sewanee Academic Pledge
“I pledge that I will neither give nor receive any unauthorized information on this work.” Middle school and upper school students will write and sign the academic pledge at the beginning of all graded work: quizzes, tests, essays, exams, etc. “Pledged,” followed by the student’s signature, carries the same meaning as the full pledge. Students accused of violating the Honor Code may be required to appear before the Honor Council, a committee of students and faculty advisors that investigates and deliberates each case and then makes a recommendation to the Academic Dean and/or Head of School. Use of the schoolʼs official seal, word mark, or logos without consent from a member of the schoolʼs Administration or in a manner that is harmful to the schoolʼs reputation will be considered an Honor Code violation.
Code of Conduct
Students are expected to act with decorum. A code of conduct is enforced in order to promote a safe and secure learning environment for our students. Students who violate the rights of others and/or who violate classroom, extracurricular, or campus rules as well as state and federal law shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures. Disciplinary actions outlined in the Handbook are designed to deter misconduct, to help students learn self-discipline, to redress wrongs, and to instill in students a sense of their shared responsibility as honorable citizens of our school community.
Sometimes situations arise that must be dealt with on an individual basis by the Head of School and could lead to disciplinary action. The Head of School will exercise this authority when s/he determines that the best interests of the student and school will be served. This would include but is not limited to, cases in which student behavior, in the opinion of the Head of School, threatens the safety of others, undermines the school community, reflects poorly on St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School’s reputation, and/or undermines the mission of the school. Examples include, but are not limited to, sexual misconduct, hazing, inappropriate pictures, videos or images, violent behaviors, and honor code violations.
St.Andrew’s-Sewanee School has an expectation that all students will act with honor and follow the standards of our Honor Code. This includes being honest, forthright, kind and respectful in one’s actions, words and behaviors. The integrity of our campus and community depends on the honesty, trust and respect we show one another as we embrace the values in our Honor Code.

The Conduct Council may adjudicate major violations or repeated minor violations of the Code of Conduct by students. Rooted in the social justice and faith tradition of the Episcopal Church, the Conduct Council seeks reconciliation and restorative practices through an honest assessment of a student’s past imperfections and an actionable plan for achieving future hopes.



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