Major Rules and Violations


COVID-19 Protocols

Each year, SAS faculty and students form a close-knit community and sign the Honor Code. This year, we are especially  mindful of the first pledge: “Will you pledge to promote and support the health and safety of every member of this  community, including yourself?”

We anticipate that new and improving information, an evolving situation, and the constructive feedback of our community  will bring about changes as we begin to live into our plans during Phase 2 (campus restricted) for the 2020-2021 school  year. Deliberate non-compliance with COVID-19 protocols is a major violation; it may result in the student’s separation from school.

Authorized Investigation

When there are grounds for suspicion, the school reserves the right to search a residential house room, car, locker, or backpack, or to require students to reveal what they have in their personal possession. The Dean of Students, any administrator, a house parent, or TIC may authorize a search. Students will be held responsible for anything found in their room, car, locker, backpack, clothing, etc.

Campus Confinement / Restriction

For certain infractions of school rules, a student may be required to serve penalties involving campus restriction.

For day students, campus restriction requires that the student leave campus after all obligations are met.

On the other hand, for boarders, campus restriction means not being able to leave campus (no van runs, no trips, no weekend leaves) and checking in at all van run times throughout the weekend.

For both boarders and day students, lateness or failure to check in or adhere to these rules will increase the time of restriction. For boarders it may result in Student Union restriction on the weekends. Repeated abuse of campus restriction and not meeting obligations can be interpreted as refusal to follow school policy and may result in in-school suspension or suspension away from school. A $50/day charge will be assessed to provide in-school supervision. Restriction lasts from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and students are not allowed to participate in any Afternoon Programs or events that afternoon/evening. Students are not allowed to have electronics and should bring materials to study and complete assignments. 

If in the event of an emergency, a boarding student who is on campus restriction must leave campus and cannot serve for the weekend, the weekʼs restriction continues on return to campus. A pre-arranged entertainment event, such as tickets to a sporting event, concert, etc., does not constitute an emergency; should a boarding student on restriction decide to attend such an event, the weekʼs restriction starts over on return to campus. No days served earlier in that week will count for that particular restriction. 


UPDATED 3/19/21

As we return to in-person learning on March 22, 2021, and loosen some of our COVID restrictions regarding weekend activities, we will also be reinstating the detention policy for boarding students and Upper School day students. 

Detentions are given for minor infractions with the number of hours dependent on the severity of the infraction. For example, tardiness (1-14 minutes late) will result in a one-hour detention, and an unexcused absence (15 minutes or more or non-attendance) will result in a two-hour detention. Students may also receive detentions for infractions such as a messy residence or discourtesy to another member of the community. The number of hours received will be at the discretion of the Conduct Council and/or Dean of Students.

Boarding students must serve detentions after they have eaten dinner on the day that they are earned: Monday-Thursday, 6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m., in the Tucker Room. Any unserved hours will be served on Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to noon, meeting at the Owen Student Union.

Day students have the option to serve detention hours on the same day they are received or on Saturday morning.

During weekday detentions, students may do homework or other quiet activities, but may not use electronic devices.

During Saturday detention, students will repay the community by providing supervised labor for campus improvement. Detentions may not be served Fridays and Sundays.

Students will receive notification of a detention from the Office of the Dean of Students. Failure to serve a detention at the next available opportunity will result in campus restriction for boarders and campus exclusion (except for school-related obligations) for day students and may result in an additional hour of detention. Repeated disregard for the detention policy will trigger additional actions by the Conduct Council or the Dean of Students.

Drug and Alcohol Violations

Should a student be caught displaying evidence of drug use, or in possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, that student will be required to leave our community for a period of no less than three school days. As with suspensions that result from other major violations, the family is expected to arrange for the student to come home as soon as possible. The school cannot be responsible for making alternative plans. In certain cases the school will require professional assessment of the student’s condition before considering whether re-entry to school is appropriate. In all cases if the family wishes the student to return to school, a parent/guardian should return with the student to meet with the Head of School, Dean of Students and Advisor to discuss possible re-entry. Students who are readmitted will be placed on probation for the remainder of the school year; any further drug offense during this period will result in immediate dismissal from school. In some particularly serious cases, students who are readmitted may be placed on a general probation stipulating that any type of major violation during the remainder of the school year will bring about dismissal from school.

Drug violations will include the following: possession, use, solicitation, or distribution of alcohol, illegal drugs (including plants, seeds, or synthetic marijuana), or drug paraphernalia and/or being on campus showing signs of alcohol or other drug use.

If it is suspected that a student may be involved in the use of drugs (despite a lack of clear evidence), that student will be confronted with the suspicion. Because it is often difficult to determine if someone is involved with alcohol or other drugs, the school reserves the right to require (as a condition for remaining in school) that an individual student suspected of such involvement undergo at the familyʼs expense unannounced testing (from samples of urine, hair, or blood), breathalyzer analysis, and/or professional evaluation to assess the situation. Any student who attempts to tamper with the results of a drug screen will be considered in violation of the Honor Code. The school will inform parents/guardians as soon as possible (after such test and or request for test) regarding any such action and will hope to work closely with parents/guardians toward resolution of any problems discovered.

Any student who has clearly been using illegal drugs (even if never caught in the act) will be told that if further evidence of such activity is obtained they may be placed on medical leave or required to leave this community permanently because the school is not capable of dealing with a health issue as severe as chronic drug use.

In-School Suspension

In-school suspension lasts from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students are not allowed to have electronics and should bring materials to study and complete assignments. A $50 a day charge will be assessed to provide in-school supervision. Students are not allowed to participate in any Afternoon Programs or events the afternoon/evening of their in-school restriction.

Major Violations

Behavior that is deemed to constitute an extreme physical or emotional danger to self or others (for example - distributing drugs, use or possession of unusually dangerous drugs, setting fires, and inappropriate sexual behavior) may result in immediate dismissal. 

Students accused of committing a major violation may be required to appear before the Honor Council. Recommendations from these committees are conveyed to the Head of School, who makes the final decision.

The following are considered to be major violations and may result in the student being placed on probation, suspended, or dismissed:

  • Deliberate non-compliance with COVID-19 or other health and safety protocols
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Cheating
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Vaping/Smoking/Tobacco
  • Deliberate physical or mental hazing, bullying or harassing (includes using racial or demeaning slurs)
  • Extreme disrespect to adults in the SAS community
  • Vandalism
  • Absence without leave
  • Students in a residential house, bathroom, or locker room of the opposite gender without permission (this includes anyone acting as host to that student)
  • Physical aggression, e.g. fighting, harassing of a physical nature
  • Deliberate tampering with any of the fire safety equipment (such as fire extinguishers, smoke and heat sensors, or the manual fire alarm in the hall).
  • Unauthorized use of fire (including smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes or pipes, and burning candles or incense) inside any campus building. 
  • Weapons

Students will be held accountable for these violations whenever school is in session, during pre-season athletic programs, and during periods when any boarders are still housed on campus awaiting departure for vacations.

Major violations will be reported immediately to the Dean of Students, who will make certain that parents/guardians and faculty advisors are informed in a timely manner.

Any resulting suspension away from school should be served with the student’s family at home. The school is not responsible for making alternative arrangements. The Head of School’s office will schedule a re-entry meeting for suspended students.

Students who are withdrawn from school during the academic year should take their belongings with them at the time of departure. The school is not responsible for any belongings left on campus.

Students in the Presence of a Major Violation

Students who are present when a drug violation or other major violation occurs (and aware of what is happening) may be charged with the same violation even if they do not commit it themselves. Students in this situation should try to discourage the violation and/or remove themselves physically from the scene as quickly as possible. Students who are concerned for the safety of other students are encouraged to remove themselves from the scene and contact a responsible adult. 


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